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How do i "re-add" google talk contacts?

Asked by Evan (805points) September 21st, 2009

So I (stupidly) deleted ALL of my contacts in Gmail, which also of course deleted them out of my Google Talk contacts. I’ve since re-added them all into Gmail’s contact list.. but how do i re-add them to GoogleTalk?

More so.. is there any way other than the ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE AND INADEQUATE system within Gmail to manage your Google Talk contacts? Does one of the third-party apps to a better job somehow?

(either Mac or PC is fine.. i use both)


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one addition: i know that there’s a little “add contact” link at the bottom of the chat side bar, in gmail, but i’d rather not have to pester every single one of my contacts again, especially when they all have me in their system already, and don’t need to be “invited” to gchat..

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