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Have you taken the heroic dose?

Asked by SmashTheState (12814points) February 2nd, 2011

The “heroic dose” is 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, as described by Terence McKenna, to attain the shamanic experience of the complete destruction of Self and a meeting with the self-transforming machine elves on the factory floor of reality.

Have any of you taken the heroic dose? What were your experiences? Did you meet the machine elves?

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No, my life is psychedelic enough without the drugs.

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Drugs aren’t for people who already have voices in their heads.

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Peyote buttons. No machine elves. Just dozens of real, not hallucinationed, sparkling butterflies dining on peyote perspiration on our skin in the hot July southern sun one sleepy summer many years ago.

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No, but I would if I had enough experience with psychedelics.

The only time I tried mushrooms, I hate a little less than half an ounce. I felt like I smoked a lot of weed; no tripping, no ego loss, or no hallucinations. When I went back to eat the rest of the ounce, it was moldy. I’d try it again in a heartbeat, though (if I was having a good day).

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God no. I’ve had a few caps at time, that was plenty. I might have once had ~2 grams at once. Me and my friends were driving in the country at night, and every time I looked at the sky, all the stars were connected by purple lines that formed a funnel. That blew my mind. I’d look away, think about other stuff, look back and the funnel was in the same place, the same lines connecting the same stars. I thought it must have meant something significant about the universe.

Odd thing, I mentioned it to a friend some months later, and he told me he’s seen a funnel in the stars since he was a kid and never thought anything about it.

Beyond that, I got puddled pretty hard at a Dead show in Orlando. We kept getting lost, and ended up at the Disneyland parking lot three times. I kept feeling like a king, straddling the boundary between life and death. Wild stuff.

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@kenmc Half an ounce would be about 14 grams. You would probably get eaten by the elves at that point.
On the other hand, I usually put about half a pound of cremini mushrooms, sliced, in my lasagna.

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Wow. This is the only time I have been tempted to try drugs. Did a little extra research about the elves, egolessness, ect. and it sounds freaky awesome.

@cockswain You have no idea how much I want to see lines connecting stars and a funnel in the sky now.

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The other cool thing was the purple lines seemed to all be actively flowing into the funnel too. It was like a big black hole.

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@josie I don’t use drugs enough to convert metric to English well.

Now that I think about it, it was a quarter, so… I ate maybe 3 ounces.

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DMT smoked. Met Aztec and Mayan pyramids, a jaguar, and a energy buddha entity.

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The magic mushrooms just made me looser and more enamored of whoever I had my eye on that night. I think it made me into a pest. It might have made the world brighter and more beautiful, too. It did not give me any great insights. I’m still waiting for those. No. That’s a lie. I’m just moving on. If an insight comes, it comes, but I ain’t putting anything on hold to wait for one of those insights.

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@wundayatta Oh Jesus, I’ve felt that way before towards women too. Probably did nothing but make them real uncomfortable.

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Funny, but for all my psychedelic tripping in the 70’s, my most ‘heroic’ dose of enlightenment came stone cold sober in 2004. lol

The shrooms just had me on my back in the sand dunes at the beach laughing uproariously.

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Seen em! followed the recipe: 5g alone in the middle of the dark and the middle of nowhere. I did not talk to them in particular (talked to other aliens, though) but in the same general common area, that’s for sure, thousands of them, they look like the aztec symbols but alive and communicating through the act of moving. Like I always say about these things, it was beautiful, reassuring, comforting, and terrifying.

The terrifying parts were only on the way up. Then at that point it was a feeling of total health, acceptful bliss, deja vu, and astonishment.

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Does spiderman shaped pasta count? Had some when I was a kid, yummy!

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I once smoked some pot laced with PCP by accident, I had no idea it was laced and had an awful experience. I also completely freaked out while in ‘twilight sleep’ at an oral surgeon’s office. I’d be scared shitless to try something like this! I really, really like to be in control of my mind. At all times.

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That happened to me too, awful, awful!

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@Kraigmo Did it change the way you look at the world even after the effects of the drugs had worn off?

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Saw a little person dressed in a panda suit. I was taller than everyone. Layed in the longest couch in the world. Stars were so close I could touch them. The big tree in the back yard had shadows sitting in the branches. Everything was too loud.
...And the snozzberries did really taste like snozzberries….Would do again in a heartbeat.

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Most I’ve ever taken was about 2–2.5 dried grams. Saw my friend’s face briefly change into a vampire face, but other than that I just laughed a lot.

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@Supacase, what a pertinent subquestion you ask. And yes, my life was completely and permanently changed from doing this, to the deepest core of my being.

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For the better?

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@Jeruba, part of the knowledge gained is that “better” and “worse” and “good” and “bad” almost cannot really apply to anything with accuracy.

But yes, mostly for the better.

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Understood, @Kraigmo. But you are not saying that it did you irreparable harm. You are saying that it improved your life. Correct? Your comment about change could have gone either way.

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@Jeruba, the only “harm” is the fact I no longer can be entertained by mindless stuff. It’s probably healthy overall though. It does cause people to get annoyed with me though. I refuse to watch “stupid” TV shows, movies, and commercials, and cannot sit through them. I’ve been this way ever since eating mushrooms. I have a feeling that every moment is precious, and I feel my life wasting away when I watch non-enriching entertainment.

And when I meet others who’ve gone through the same thing… there is an unspoken and full understanding, a consensus of the new ancient reality we’ve discovered for ourselves.

The bigger changes though, are all a help to me. I’ve learned the direct importance of hard work when hard work is called for. I’ve learned that moments of terror can disappear in surprising swiftness. I’ve learned to never assume something is “good” or “bad” when it first occurs, or when I learn of it. And I have seen the symphony that is all life, and how no matter how crazy or evil it can get…. there’s still an overarching fractal-like order. I save tons of money because objects and things no longer make me feel happy… not even temporarily.

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@Kraigmo, I wouldn’t consider that harm at all but a blessing. I feel exactly the same way without having done the shrooms. That’s why I do not watch any TV.

From Zen I learned something about how meaning comes from us and is not in the thing itself and how preferring one thing over another, labeling it “good” or “bad,” leads away from truth. I think these are all good and valuable things to know, regardless of how we came to understand them.

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