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If I work for the federal government can I work part-time as a consultant in an unrelated field?

Asked by saservp (291points) February 3rd, 2011

I’m considering accepting a job offer w/ the federal government. For some reason I have it in my head that federal employees aren’t allowed to have side jobs? Is that true? I’d like to do part-time consulting work on the weekends in a field COMPLETELY unrelated to the work I’d be doing for the gov. Is that allowed or do I have to live entirely off of a federal salary? :P

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Most likely you would be able to have a side job in an unrelated field. You would want to check to be sure though because it could depend on what exactly you are doing as a government employee.

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I worked for the IRS and we were told that it was fine to have a part-time job as long as there was no conflict of interest. We couldn’t help people with taxes or give personal information about famous and well known people. I don’t know what department you will be in but if it’s in a different field then you should be fine. If you still have questions they will be able to give you more in depth information.

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Just clear it with your supervisor before you start and you should have no problems.

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When I was an electronics technician in the Navy, I had a part time job in an appliance store fixing televisions. My bosses didn’t mind and as long as it doesn’t require a security clearance, it shouldn’t matter. Of course if you want to be a lobbyist, you could and should have problems.

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My dad works for the Federal Gov’t and owns a small consulting company that is related to his business, but neither conflicting nor competing, and it’s okay.

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It depends on the regulations of the agency you are working for.

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