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Funny/clever reasons to join Habitat for Humanity?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) February 4th, 2011

I’m working on designing a Habitat for Humanity shirt for my university’s campus chapter. On the back we want to have something like, “Top ten reasons to get in the habit of Habitat” and then a list of clever/funny reasons. Some ideas we have so far are:

1. We get hammered every week
2. We know how to raise the roof
3. We get to wear hard hats and tool belts

Any other suggestions? The top reason will be something more serious as well, if you were wondering.

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We show buttcracks to fill house cracks. I know it’s awful. Sorry.

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We always get the best wood.

We get to drill good and deep.

We fill every hole… with our caulk.

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We’ve nailed it.
We’re talkin’ caulkin’.
We’re building a solid reputation.
We’ve got perfect pitch.
We’re on the level.

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We give sweat we give grime
We give lots of our time
To build homes for such poor
As haven’t even a door
For families four walls
Is that too much to ask?
If you give us your money
We will finish this task.

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It’s where you can find all the studs.
It’s just plane nice.

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@aprilsimnel Definitely going to use the stud one!

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• We have the best erections
• We’re building a foundation for a future
• We really know how to raise the roof
• We know how to tell a king stud from a sleeper
• Our framing members are always straight
• We’re known for our flashing

I’m sure I’ll think of more later…so this is what those classes I took in construction inspection are useful for!

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Come see what well built looks like

If you think I’m well built, you should see what I do on the weekend!

Construction junkie

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Jimmy Carter buys donuts on Fridays.

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