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Could we negotiate a one time payment, so I can get on with my life?

Asked by josie (30485points) February 8th, 2011

When I got divorced, my ex wife was pretty excited about making me spend the rest of my life paying for two lives. One for me, and one for her, in the form of alimony. Forever.
I knew her better than she knew herself, however, and I offered her a one time payment and that would end it.
She was dazzled by the zeroes (I knew she would be), and she took it.
She is gone, and I am free (broke, to be sure, but free.)
So, using that principle, I would like to investigate another type of “settlement”.
A portion of my annual tax bite is used to pay the bills of people who, for whatever reason, do not pay their own bills.
In other words, I pay twice.
Once for them.
Once for me.
My question is this;
Is there a single payment that I could make that would end this dependency relationship?
What amount of money could I pay (to the government, on everyone else’s behalf) in a lump sum, to settle up?
If it is reasonable, and if I have the money, I will do it.
How much would it take, in a single payment, to release me from my “social obligation”?

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Your soul. I hear they’re starting to collect those as well.

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@josie My point is: it would be an insane amount of money lol.

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@josie I’ll give you the same one-time settlement my dear father gave me. Dad took me up to the top of a high mountain in the Great Smokies, and from a promitory where we could see forever, he gestured at the expanse before my eyes and exclaimed, “Son, there’s the whole world out there. I give it to you. Now all you have to do is go and get it.”

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@ETpro reminds me of one of my favorite Monty Python lines, at the very beginning of this bit

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Well, obviously not empathy in your case.

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@faye Why not. That’s the one thing our friend seems to lack.

The Lancelot clip is outstanding.

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@ETpro which is why I thought we couldn’t ask him to pay in that!

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Are you talking about illegal immigrants?

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You don’t owe anyone else a penny. Your wife get the house? All you need to do is leave the planet.

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GQ. I decided to actually give you a number. Feel free to disagree with my assumptions and calculate with your own numbers and opinions..
Your one time payment will depend upon your income. Unemployed, disabled, dodgers etc. generally pay nothing. Income earners pay in the form of taxes and higher prices.
For this analysis I will just assume $100,000 per year income for easy math. At that rate with typical deductions you pay about $25,000 to the government every year. Assuming money is worth 5% and you figure an annuity for 40 years. – essentially infinite, that is equivalent to a one time cash up front payment of ~$500,000 for you. Now it is up to you to decide who you want to settle up with.
Medicare is 33%, Defense is 20% (34% if you include Vet benefits) , Gov’t 11%, Social Security 21%, Foreign aid 1%, will e ⅓ Military will be ⅓ a
If you want to settle up with foreign aid to Ethiopia and others, pay $5,000 and you’re done.
If you want to settle up with the old widow Mrs.McKeever collecting Soc Sec and Med. until she dies, pay up $270,000.
Interesting numbers.

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I spent an entire year when I was younger travelling from one end of Kanada to the other, trying to find a place where I could escape. As someone who has suffered from severe and crippling levels of clinical depression all my life, I have spent most of my life on and off welfare and disability as my mental health permits. I was tired of being told I was a parasite by the media, and having to wrestle with the bureaucracy and put up with constant humiliation in order to receive an amount of money which was so small that it not only further damaged my mental health, but destroyed my physical health and eventually resulted in diabetes and obesity from poor diet. So I set out on the road to find somewhere I could squat, grow my own food, and get away from the System.

I should have listened to Thoreau: “Wherever a man goes, men will pursue him and paw him with their dirty institutions, and, if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate oddfellow society.”

It didn’t matter where I went, which province I explored, I got the same story from other squatters over and over again. You can squat, yes, but every square inch of Kanada is logged sooner or later, so the big pulp and paper corporations spend a lot of money patrolling all they empty, barren land. They know that if a person squats long enough they get squatter’s rights, so they make sure that they catch everyone. You can get anywhere from six months to a year in any given spot, but eventually you’ll get caught and they’ll send in the RCMP to burn down your home with all your possessions to discourage you from trying again.

The last province in Kanada to offer legal homesteading was British Kolumbia, and they stopped in the 70s when land prices skyrocketed.

You ask what you can do to stop me from suckling at your teat? Give me my share of the national wealth. You can keep your mean-spirited, sadistic social programs if I can have my piece of land, where I can grow my own crops. You keep your jackbooted swine away from me and I will never again inconvenience you by marching in your streets and breaking your windows. Unless and until you give me back the means of production you have stolen in order to enjoy your bourgeois lifestyle, I’m afraid you’re on the hook for supporting me.

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To some of these agencies and people, money is like sand. It just keeps on rolling and its the same with your money and my money. I don’t believe there would be enough zeros to give a final, one-time figure. Some people are truly “needy’, while others are just dependents and expect you and I to pay for thier existence on earth. It’s a cloudy situation.

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@SmashTheState @ETpro @faye
Spare your insults and innuendo.
Nobody said anything about not paying.
Have no fear, you’ll all get your share of my money.
I just asked about a one time pay out, not avoiding giving it up or hiding in the wilderness.

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Christ dude, relax. This isn’t the place to vent your lifelong frustrations. It’s a website where people ask random questions to get a couple responses. From what you say in your story, it doesn’t seem like anything was actually taken from you, it seems like you either a) never had anything or b) never wanted anything.

There’s probably not one sum of money for everybody..while you’re alive. I guess the best you can do as far as a one time settlement is put your money in your will to places you want them to go. Unfortunately that will probably the only time you actually get to CHOOSE where you want all of your money to go. So when that time comes choose wisely.

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@SmashTheState Dude, what’s with the K?

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@josie@SmashTheState (but accept the payment) is included in your $270,000 to Mrs. McKeever.

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@bob Kind of kreepy, isn’t it?

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@6rant6 “Annoying” is the word I would use.

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@josie Actually, I have never taken a cent of welfare or public assistance. I am collecting Social Security now, but I paid for that, and owe you no residuals. If you put your money before other people’s lives, and would be happier if they would just starve,.live with it. Don’t try to have it both ways, being seen as a caring, egalitarian person and simultaneously wanting refund checks from the poor and disabled.

As to all your money, have no fear. It’s true you never know when you are going to buy the farm, and they will parcel up what’s left and give it to others after you are gone. But you don’t have to let that happen. I recommend you burn it all right now. Then none of those other non-deserving teat-suckers will get one penny. That’ll teach them a thing or two.

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“I recommend you burn it all right now.”

How about first you burn yourself. Then wash it away with some more of your tears. There’s no room for complainers like you. Just get out.

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Who the hell are you, @CBrennan15 to talk that way to a respected jelly?

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