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How can I easily deseed citrus juice?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) February 9th, 2011

I love fresh-squeezed citrus juice. Whether it is orange, grapefruit, lime or lemonade, I like the citrus to have a decent amount of pulp with it. It’s healthier, less wasteful and to me, tastier too. So filtering or running the juice through a strainer is out.

But I am not fond of drinking seeds. Grapefruits in particular can be a challenge because many have just a few large seeds and several dozen tiny ones. That makes picking each seed out by hand time consuming. Is there some handy juicer or kitchen appliance that can make short work of getting the citrus juice I crave?

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you need to find a citrus juicer with larger holes to let the pulp through but catch the seeds. There are some on the market.

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@zenvelo That isn’t going to help with my beloved grapefruits. Most of the pink variety have a few large seeds and lots of tiny ones. Maybe trapping each with a spoon is the only way.

Regular grapefruit juice and vodka are called a Greyhound. I like it with pink grapefruit, which I call a bitch in heat. To get that naughty pleasure, I will deseed by spoon if that’s the only way. :-)

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If the holes are big enough for the pulp, the seeds that get through aren’t large enough to worry about.

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@YARNLADY No chance of grapefruit trees growing inside me?

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couldn’t you just use a strainer?

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@jlelandg I have 4 different ones from a fine wire mesh to one with rather small holes, bigger holes, and finally long, relatively wide slots—a pasta strainer. The woven wire strainer removes everything but the juice, and takes decades to do its job. The one with the tiny holes only allows a bit of pulp through, but all the little seeds show up.

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@ETpro No chance what-so-ever. Seeds can’t grow in stomach acid.

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make your juice and then strain it with the biggest thing that still gets the seeds. Pick out the seeds redo the pulp. I know it sounds like alot of trouble, but I hate seeds too.

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@jlelandg That sound fairly workable. Might be easier than chasing down elusive seeds floating in the juice.

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