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Have you ever had someone hate you to whom you did nothing wrong?

Asked by amandaahoch (30points) April 14th, 2008

tell me

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ofcourse!!! Jealousy…... That’s what I say

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one of my best friends used to have a serious disliking towards me, he thought i was cocky, now he knows how awesome i realy am… (serious, it was just a misperception)

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People hate me because I’m beautiful…

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Yes, it drives me nuts which is ridiculous.

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I was very shy when I was young and that seem to influnce the way people perceived me. Most would say I was “stuck up” but never even talked to me. Insecurities can also cause dislikes of others.

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I have noticed it, and it bothered me greatly until I finally realized that if I hadn’t done anything to them, their “issue” was solely their problem. Whether that be some sort of projection, intolerance of other people’s differences, insecurity, competitive drive, mommy issues, big sister issues….etc.

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some people can’t stand to see someone else happy. so they try and make everyone just as miserable as them.

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@judo- I concur

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@judochop-way to fight fire with fire there…I guess I understand your subtle point, but I feel sorry for those who spend so much of their energy hating on haters and hating themselves; life’s too short I say.

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@sndfreQ-See I disagree. Life is not short enough for me to just let the “haters” be. I do believe in the “eye for an eye” theory however I am not the one that cares to “cast the first stone.”

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my husband’s stepmother hates me because she hates my husband, although I have been nothing but nice to her. My father in law hates me also and his own son too, because his wife does.

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@judochop: I can respect that.

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Yes,and I still don’t know why.

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My sister in laws mother hates my brother in law because he wont bow down and obey her like my sis in law does. Its pathetic

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