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Can you recommend a Mac software program that helps you track your expenses?

Asked by jz1220 (829points) April 14th, 2008

Preferably freeware. I would input all of my transactions and choose a category (groceries, car, etc.) and it would produce a report telling me where I spend my money.

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i advise looking on , it would be more easy for you to just check out the catalog of programs yourself

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I use a free, web-app called Mint. Its nicest feature is auto-categorization/budgeting.

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Mint is so quick and easy. Love it, sferik! Thanks.

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There’s a free app online called buxfer . I highly recommend it. If you have an iPhone, it also has a webapp for it, too.

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I use Not sure how I feel about it but it was the only client I tested with the ability to set recurring transactions and provide an iPhone version so I could enter info from anywhere.

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@jcs, I just checked out buxfer. I like that it grabs a longer history of transactions than mint does, but at the same time it’s way too buggy. It hasn’t been able to talk to a few of my accounts and the tags take forever to add. If they can fix those things I’m sure it would be a wonderful product, but for now mint’s pretty much awesome.

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I really am not a financial person but I really, really like Wesabe.

It’s an online app/website that will automatically pull your statement info (in a secure way) and let you keyword each item just by clicking it. And it will be smart enough to recognise repeat transactions, etc. It’s all very easy to see and find out where you’re spending what, which is all I need.

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