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What makes you genuinely happy?

Asked by nir17 (371points) February 10th, 2011

Lots of stuff is going on in my life, and it’s got me kind of down. I’ve realized that I really need to find what makes me happy, just by myself… I’ve gotten so wrapped up in changes and relationships that I’ve kind of forgotten what actually makes me happy anymore. So, when completely by yourself, what do you do that makes you happy?

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I watch horror movies. Not everyone’s answer, but it works for me.

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Spending time with people I love.

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Listening to music or reading a good book.

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My girlfriend’s sense of humor. She’ll pull me up from being down any day.

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Snuggling with my kitty and pittling around in my art shed without any plans for the day maks me happy!

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People appreciating me for, well, contributing. People wanting to be a friend or to hang out with me. Feeling part of a network. Feeling like people care. Feeling like they want to spend time with me.

Love does that, too, but in a different way.

Being with my wife and children, sitting around the dinner table, talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. And hugging them. Or having them lay a head on my shoulder or knee, fuzzy with drowsiness. I don’t know what we’ll do when they leave the nest.

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Reading a good book. Being with my family. Perfectly painted nails, none of those annoying air bubbles. My big dog nudging me for a hug. My son telling me he’ll miss me. My daughter when she tells me she still needs me. She’s 17, I don’t always hear that, these days.

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Spending time with my animals is a great way and watching a really good show or movie , making yourself popcorn and kicking back .

Learning to be happy being alone can take some time , though very worth it .

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I play guitar, cook, do yoga, go for a walk, watch Gene Wilder movies and kazoo. Nothing cracks a blue mood like good Kazoo!

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I listen to music and look at old pictures of myself and friends.

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@Symbeline I love horror movies, too. There aren’t too many good ones anymore, imo. I begin to feel pretty good every evening about 9:30 or so. I think it’s because I’m “allowed” to be tucked up in bed by then. If there’s good tv or book or movie double +.

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Food. Sad, isn’t it?
If I’m not alone, it’s my partner or kids.

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I have a house in the country and just hanging around in nature with my animals is one of my greatest joys.
The whole gang will tag along for a walk down to the creek, cats and geese waddling and scampering along.

Simple pleasures are the best. ;-)

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Happiness is a decision.

The events/people in your life have nothing to do with how you feel unless you choose to allow them mastery of your feelings.

The single most useful thing I’ve learned in 53 years on this planet is…

peace of mind is the only thing you truly possess.

It is the only thing that cannot be lost or taken from you.
It can be (and often is) foolishly surrendered or exchanged
for “angry ghosts and demons”.

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Spending time with my husband and my kids doing things together. I love travelling with my husband for instance and seeing places we haven’t been to before, or just lying in bed on a Sunday watching the news round up of the week. Or going to the movies with my daughters or having a girly morning tea.

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Right! Well said.

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Thanks, @Coloma. I’d been holding my breath waiting for someone to yell at me

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Cuddling my boyfriend, seeing a really good stage show or concert and dogs.

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Am at my happiest when I am left to be alone. No one around, no phone calls, no nothing from nobody. Give me a secluded park bench by a secluded pond in a secluded park in a secluded city (you see where this is going) and let me alone with a good book to read.

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Creating happiness in others.

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