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Has everyone been to a Pentecostal Church? Have you been possessed by the Holy Spirit?

Asked by buster (10264points) April 14th, 2008

Ive been one time i sat and watched while everyone rolled around, flailed, murmured and spoke in tongue and people interpretated it. It was a lot different than some other churches ive attended. I just sat and stared but there was definitely some kinda energy there that made hairs stand up and tingle.

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I know what you’re talking about!

My buddy and I went to this “Church of God” one time, and the preacher asked everyone has their weapons in their hands; everyone in the church was holding their Bible, and we were both holding pencils! I don’t know what that meant, but that was about the time I got that feeling.

Now I go to the “Church of Skatan”!

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I was forced to endure this many years as a kid. I saw through it didn’t understand it then and don’t now.

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said everyone had their weapons – not, :asked everyone has their weapons

I’m freakin’ STUPID!

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brainwashed much? . . .
i don’t believe in the holy spirit coming into so many bodies at one time every sunday just for a service. sure, it’s possible. but really? come on. BS to me. no person is that righteous to encounter the holy spirit that intensely whenever.

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I haven’t been to a Pentocostal church before. I did once think that I was possessed by the spirit of Carol Channing though. Does that count?

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I went one time as a teenager. It scared the heck out of me. I personally do not believe that it happens to so many people in I e setting at one time. I believe that speaking in tongues happened during biblical times when the apostles could spread Christianity by miraculously being able to speak a different language so that others could understand about Christ.

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I am inherently suspicious of blatant displays of faith. It seems to me that true faith is a still, small voice inside that gives you the strength to do what you need to do, not something that expresses itself by flailing hands in the air and babbling nonsense.

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I got shipped off to a Pentecostal church every Sunday with my next door neighbors from the time I was old enough to walk until I was 12. I liked Sunday School well enough, because we were told bible stories and got to color, but once upstairs for the service, I was scared to death. I never understood what they were doing or why. I never felt any kind of energy or spirit flowing through me. My only emotion was fear. I hated going there.

When I got older, I found a different church that was calmer and easier to understand. It made much more sense to me, so I stuck with it.

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i grew up in going to a boring baptist church. i always fell asleep halfway thru the service. i found the pentecostal church a lot more entertaining. no way i could sleep thru there service. i dontg go to church anymore but if i did heck yeah pentecostals know how to holy roll!

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wow….. you need your “jesus” hyped up for you to stay awake?
i understand churches and them being boring and selfish and all, but you sound like every other christian. i should add more quotes to that.

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hey ishotthesheriff who said i was a christian? why do i sound like every other christian ?and why does it sound like your dogging me? add some more quotes. come on i wanna see them.

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i meant quotations.

b/c of the commercializing of Christ. even if you aren’t a christian, the fact that people just want to be entertained is just that, a fact. they want jesus to be exciting and helpful and just dandy!
it’s wrong. i don’t care what people think. i’m going to be close-minded and hard hearted with this b/c i’m not a christian and i don’t believe the majority that call themselves christians are either.
but getting into the idea of “salvation” is a different thread . . .
i’m not trying to “dog” just you, i’m trying to fucking drop kick every blind religious idiot out there who can’t think for them self.
if Christ did exist and the idea of salvation made sense, then Christianity is committing your entire life for His sole Will, rather, G-d’s Will. not living your normal soccer mom life and sporting a G-d Bless America sticker or a group of stick figure decals next to a decal cross. if i was to generalize that again. . .
whatever, i’ve got things to do for my job right now that are more important than pleasing your quotation appetite.

have a good night man.

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you got a shiny forehead.

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I was raised in a Penecostal family and, thankfully, I was able to get out of it with my faith still intact. These churches put on a show and then say if you are not speaking in tongues or being ‘slain’ by the spirit, you are not a true believer. That’s a lie.

Speaking in tongues was gift given to apostles of the early church to spread the gospel around the world. There are churches who believe this gift is still with us today. If they would read the original translations of the bible, they would see this isn’t the case.

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