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What type of skin rash is this?

Asked by chk8n (106points) February 11th, 2011 from iPhone

It looks like mini pus. Mini whiteheads on the face, under your mouth and around the chin. I tried putting toner and it burns. I thought that these are mini pimples, but I noticed that these are not the regular pimples.

It’s dry and you can see the dry skin around it. In the middle, it’s like mini whiteheads- no greater than 1–2mm.

It does occassionally itch. It’s somewhat pimple-like.

Can anyone tell me what it is and how to treat this?

Thank you!

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See a doctor!

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Probably herpes. Don’t touch it. If you do, wash your heands before you touch anything else. Extra careful with your eyes, herpes in the eye can be dangerous.

Go to the doctor, get it diagnosed, and he can give you some medicine. You should go ASAP, so it will culture.

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It almost sounds to me like either poison or an allergic reaction to something. Have you been near any woodlands or have you been using any kind of new skin creams or taken any new medication (prescription or over the counter)?

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Probably none of the above. In particular, this is not herpes which in general causes clear, fluid filled blisters acutely and on the face almost always is at the junction of a mucous membrane (i.e. the mouth) and skin (thus the classic cold sore on the lip). Options include:
1. Milia (benign)
2. Rosacea
3. Keratosis pilaris
4. Acne vulgaris

Only a doctor can tell you what you have, however, it doesn’t seem serious.

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Don’t use toner by the way. You need some sort of ointment or cream probably to treat it, if it is a bacterial infection.

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I had a similar issue, and after six months of doctors telling me try this and try that, I discovered I was allergic to baby wipes. You need to be as proactive as you can, with you doctor as a partner in your discovery.

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Yeah, I was wondering if I really was allergic to something. I never had this type of rash (even during winter). I’m planning to see a doctor on Monday.

I really thought it was milia. Urgh.

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It sounds like something I get. I get these when I put on sunscreen that has certain ingredients. It was an allergic reaction. It was best when I just left them alone. They dried out and grew out of the epidermis and sloughed off.

You didn’t mention if you have used any new products on your skin or could have been exposed to anything. Is the area also red and inflamed or feel hot?

This does NOT sound like herpes.

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