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When you were a kid, did you place playing cards, in your bike's spokes, to make a noise?

Asked by john65pennington (29258points) February 12th, 2011

My mother has many times told me, that anything I did as a child, did not surprise her. I use to place playing cards on my bicycle, so the cards would hit the wheels spokes and make a flapping sound, as the wheel turned. It was pretty loud and you could here me coming a block away. Childhood memories are priceless. Question: as a child, what good or bad childhood memories, still stick in your mind?

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I did that, also. Cooler still was a little attachment that rubbed against the side of the bike tire, that made a siren sound. Used to drive an old lady down the street crazy.

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Didn’t all kids in the 50’s, and 60’s?

I had the coolest Purple Schwinn bike with a white basket and pink streamers. ;-)

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Filmfann, I forgot about that siren. it had a chain that you pulled and the siren connected to the bike wheel and the sound did drive the neighbors batty. Thanks for the memory. jp

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Coloma, I remember a girl next door to me had one of those bikes. Not to be outdone, my birthday brought me a Schwinn boys bike. It had chrome fenders and a luggage rack on the back to haul school books on. Loved that bike.

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Yep we did this…..As an adult I now know how bloody annoying we must have been to our neighbours! Lol…

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I did that and we used to run over pop cans, which would wedge themselves between the moving tire and the frame. It made crazy cool noises.

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My boy cousin did. Girls didn’t do that where I was in the 70s-80s. We had pink and white streamers coming from the ends of the handle bars of our bikes, and little bells to ring.

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I didn’t need to.

I had this.

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Fiddle Player, we didn’t have this in my childhood. It had not been invented. You were lucky.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard There is something so American about that toy…

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@john65pennington, I know. I loved that thing, though. My dad put a lawnmower battery in it and it freakin’ flew all over the yard. If they still make them when I have kids, I’m buying one for my son/daughter and mounting a belt-fed Nerf gun to it.

@kenmc, that’s why I’m proud to be an American. Hey, at least I’m not fat.

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Yep, I put cards on my bike to make that noise, and yep, I thought it was cool.

You asked what were some of our good and bad childhood memories. That was one of the good ones. The bad was getting hit in the head with a baseball bat. It nearly killed me.

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I had my first bike in the 30’s. It had a horn in the body of the bike that you pressed with your knee. The sound of it was kind of growly. 4th of July everybody put red, white and blue crepe paper strips in and out of the spokes and little flags on the handlebars. We got to ride our bikes in the big parade.

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I used baseball cards that would probably be worth a small fortune today!! Imagine the sound we could have gotten with old credit cards we have today!

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Nope. I did place a stick in the spokes of the neighborhood bully’s bike as he was chasing someone down, though, which sent him over his handlebars. He called me a “cunt,” and I laughed in his face (I didn’t know what it meant, but it sounded funny). I was a hero for at least a week, and I didn’t even get in trouble for it. We were probably eight years old at the time. It was great.

He’s in prison now. I regret nothing.

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Sure did. Also took them cards and played some street poker. Winning a nickel at 10 made me so happy that, to this day, I still lay down some change and take a gamble. The Bud Shootout is happening now, will see how my wagers went. Bet on two cars.

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Yes,but that wasn’t loud enough,so I cut pie tins into card sized rectangles and used them.
It did the trick.;)

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Yeah I did that too with playing cards.
Then one year, my dad’s business had their business cards printed on flexible plastic. Those were even better, because they stayed rigid and made a louder noise.

Then at one point, all the kids in the neighborhood were putting cards on their bikes. The kids without clothespins used tape. Some then added 2 or 3. Then others had to add more. It became an arms-race of bike flappers.

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I did do this. Thought it was pretty neat at the time.

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Yes but it wasn’t playing cards, it was “cigarette cards” which were collectable things that came in packets of cigarettes (my mother was a smoker).

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I never really got to ride a bike as a kid. I didn’t really have much as a kid.

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