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What are the best supplements to aid in weight and/or fat loss?

Asked by Baddreamer27 (705points) February 13th, 2011

Looking for the best supplements to aid in my weight loss. Currently on a reduced calorie diet and excersizing. I do alot of Cardio (45–60 min), Core and arms.

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It’s expensive but I’ve really been digging the the Metabolism Supplement from prograde. I can feel it speeding me up and I like that this company doesn’t hide any of there research. They tell you why they think it’s good for you and leave it up to you.

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Lots of water and Cinnamon is great for sugar metabolism and weight loss.

I drink a Cinnamon capsule mixed with raw honey and a ½ cup water morning and night.
30 minutes before breakfast and at bedtime. I prefer natural remedies most of the time.

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Protein. Muscles love it and after a rigorous workout, protein is actually really good for your muscles. I’m not saying change your diet, but a small protein shake or even just some good fish and or chicken can be low on calories and really healthy for you anyways. You’re muscles are working overtime, why not give them a treat? Especially when it’s healthy for you as well. :)

{EDIT} Sorry this wasn’t really for weight loss as much as it was just for a healthy workout.

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This is one a friend said really worked for her. She is into a lot of alternative and herbal medicine, and she is in great health.

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Nourishing your body properly is one of the most important factors in losing weight. Specifically, get the right fats, and lots of them. This isn’t just healthy, it’s also fun to tell people you lose weight by eating fat. :P

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Avoid stimulants! Shop the outer grocery aisles. Eat every 3 hours. Drink water and little else. Focus on eating well vs. restricting things and counting calories. There is no magic pill…

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My asst. coach swears by fish oil….. hah.

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To add to my answer: I would reccommend eating good carbohydrates about an hour prior to exercise to fuel your body to work its hardest, you will burn more calories and protien post exercise (up to 30 minutes after workout) to replenish your depleted muscles so they can recover!

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