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What is your take on L-Carnitine and CLA supplement to aid in fat/weight loss?

Asked by Baddreamer27 (705points) February 13th, 2011

I recently ordered the supplements CLA and L-Carnitine. I did some research online and both seem to be somewhat effective when taken separately but is it a good idea to take both at the same time? I also ordered a thermogenic called Oxyelite Pro. Can I take all three of these at the same time to aid in my fat/weight loss? Is it effective in your opinion?

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They will certainly be effective in emptying your wallet.

Eat plants, eat less, drink water, exercise, meditate and have fun.

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I have been doing all of this! Its working wonderfully, i lost 11 lbs in a month, I’m just am waiting to hit that big brick wall after about 5 more lbs…I want to be able to get past it and lose my last 15 lbs!

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Congratulations and well-done. Everyone in my family, including me, stays informed about supplements; we have never heard of any of these.

Stick with what has worked and also kept you healthy. Save your money.

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Diet and exercise are the only sure fire ways to lose weight and keep it off. The upside to this is the fact that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it, you don’t have to worry about some of the troubling side effects of some of the so-called weight loss pills and you end healthy. The downside is that, depending on how much weight you want to lose, the exercise can/should be hard.

Good luck with your journey.

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I’ve done CLA. I don’t know if you know this, but it makes you poop fat, and more often. . . it’s quite unpleasant. Just a helpful hint in case you haven’t made your decision yet. . . LOL

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@mrrich724 I was thinking it would make you do that! I just never read it in any of the side effects. The way it works though, made me think that it would have to get rid of the fat somehow and that’s the only way out lol…Thanks for the info…I think Ill just stick to my healthy eating and excersize, hit my newest low today! 12lbs gone!

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@Baddreamer: Once again, well done. You are doing something right and have no need of bizarre supplements.

Stand up straight, hold your tummy in and put another hole in your belt.

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Like @gailcalled

You know what’s funny. Humanity has existed alot longer than all these supplements out there, yet obesity hasn’t been such a problem until recently. I don’t know why people can’t see that all you need to be the weight you want is determination.

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@mrrich724: That is true. It is an argument similar to that of walnuts (around for millennia) vs. Hostess cupcakes.

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LOL, I like.

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mrrich, you said “Humanity has existed alot longer than all these supplements out there, yet obesity hasn’t been such a problem until recently”. Here is something to think about. CLA is produced naturally by cows that eat grass. When humans eat dairy and beef, we consume CLA. However, over the past 50 years, cows are being raised to eat grain, not grass. Hence, cows only produce 1/6th of the CLA that they used to. During that time, obesity has become rampant and continues to get worse.

CLA is an obesity blocker. Since we only consume 1/6th of the CLA that USED to be found in milk, cheese, other dairy, and beef, it is more than coincidence that CLA does in fact help prevent obesity.

Studies have shown CLA will decrease body fat by 9% and increase lean muscle by 2%.

All that aside, I started taking CLA and my body became noticeably thinner within a week. My pants legs became baggy very quickly. Don’t question the effectiveness of CLA, it is not a drug, it is produced in nature and it DOES work, and is not a diet pill. It is an Omega 6 fatty acid and my very strong belief is that God intended us to eat CLA. We are just being denied it by raising cattle on grain so they can grow faster and fatter and cheaper.

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Very well stated response @hammster very well.

It is definitely something to consider. But when I made that comment, part of what I wanted to get across was “don’t look to a pill for your health. Consider diet and exercise FIRST.”

But your comments are making me consider taking CLA again just as a supplement not as a weightloss aide!

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