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So how long do I need to look at my new exercycle until the weight just start to drop off?

Asked by zookeeny (880points) January 24th, 2010

Ok I wish that was the way. But I am guessing there is a bit more to it then that. So anyone know how to get fit and thin using one of these? 30 mins every day or 20 mins 5 days a week? Do I need to dress in fitness gear or with pjs and bare feet do?

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30 mins a day for 3 months will trim you up. what works for me is not looking for results period, just getting lost in the work out. basicly workout and while your working out, forget that you where working out.

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In simple terms, the more calories you burn and the fewer you take in as food and drink, the faster your body will use up stored energy (fat).

Others can give you more specific advice on the frequency, intensity and duration of exercise on that device and its relation to fitness and calorie consumption by the work you do on it.

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20 minutes or 30 minutes could do it, it totally depends on your body.. your metabolism, how much you need to lose, etc. Anything is better than nothing. And what you wear while doing it is up to you, it has no bearing on your ultimate results! ;)

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Always check with you doctor before starting in on a new exercise program. You will be able to find out what plan is the best for your weight level and overall health. S/he will have the information you need.

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I think YARNLADY is exercycle’s lawyer.

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@La_chica_gomela My official title is “Fluther Safety Officer”

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@zookeeny You bought one of them expensive clothes hangers?

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Vary the intensity of your workouts to get maximum results. If you want to get trim then get serious about your workout. Just peddaling for 30 minutes sipping water watching TV will get your body used to sipping water watching TV. Hit it hard and heavy in intervals to where you heart rate is maxed out, you are breaking a good sweat and your are pushing your lungs to breathe hard. You can get a killer workout in 15–20 minutes that way.

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I think everyone else has good points, I just want to throw in there though that your diet should be looked at too, maybe someone who knows a proper diet for your specific age/body any conditions etc… Probably best just to talk to your doctor.

I seen some people who work out hard but there diet is horrible and you simply will not make the overall healthy gains mentally and physically that you should be.

I believe in my opinion that you should have a good healthy BALANCED diet.But I am not doctor or diet expert so, do some research or ask your doctor, something along those lines…..

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You can’t expect to just look at the exercycle for weight to drop off.

You must look at the exercycle PURPOSEFULLY to lose weight.

(Remember…you heard it here first…!)

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You can meditate using the bicycle as the “thing”. But you still need to consume less than you burn off. Much easier by actually using the thing. The ones that simulate hills and squalk at you if you’re not pedalling fast enough are best. I prefer to clip on my skis and see the countryside. Much more interesting and the circular 10k track forces me to complete the workout (can’t just give up 4k from the house).

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I agree with everyone! Especially @SABOTEUR purpose is the key! must be what I’m doing wrong with my treadmill!

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There must be a bonding process first I think. Your advice is invaluable @SABOTEUR. You are wise – simply looking is not enough it must be a purposeful look highly focused on the thinking process before I even consider diving in and simply using the thing (I could not be that crude we must first forge a relationship).

He (- yes he has taken on human qualities) is a solid presence in my front room. He is a really great example of living in the now and being fully present in the moment. Just being there in his heavy metally way. He also has a certain magnetic quality which draws garments to it and simply looks divine – (as suggested by @mrentropy with all sort of garments draped over him – they hang so well!!) Does anyone know how to make an exercycle sleeping bag? I am thinking a neutral geometric pattern – match the drapes and floor rug…...... ok ok….... I am getting in it now…... if I sweat I totally blaming my parents for giving me sweat glands and if I get out of breath I am so going to the doctor to get a medical certificate to excuse me from sport for the rest of the semester…... ok Im going….... I will get fit, I will get fit, I will get fit, I will oooooh look paint drying let me go watch…...!!!

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according to many infomercials, it can melt off in a week! They are so smart too because exercising always make you melt off the fat so quickly! And your diet? Ya, forget about it. That doesn’t matter. And incorporating weight training? Ya screw that! Who needs to add that to their workout routine to lose even more weight? No one right? Ya! Thousands of studies don’t prove that this is true by any means.

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Since no one has addressed the attire question yet, let me be the first: DEFINITELY wear workout gear. Even if it’s just an old t shirt, sweats and sneakers. Sneakers I think are the key…sneakers and socks. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about getting out of those jammies and into socks and sneakers (and workout clothes, I don’t usually exercise naked) that is a total motivator.

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