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Is it okay for the girl to ask the guy out for Valentine's Day?

Asked by SamIAm (8698points) February 13th, 2011

What are the rules on this? Especially when you’ve just started seeing someone…

I know most people feel like it’s just a Hallmark holiday and I happen to kinda agree but it’s still nice to spend it with someone.

So, should the girl wait for the guy? Would you be upset if you were dating someone and they didn’t mention it? What’s the appropriate protocol here?

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Why not?

There are no ‘rules.’

Ask for what you want with confidence!

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Sure it is, if he says no just kick him right in the nuts. Easy really :¬)

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I happen to like Valentine’s Day very much and I don’t see any problem asking someone out :)

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In this day and time yes ask him out , if you do then you should foot the bill .

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The guy should clue in.

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I see no reason why it should not be okay for either party to ask the other out for Valentine’s Day. And if it’s the start of a relationship, I expect there is some sort of presumption that it will be celebrated. It’s no problem for either person to say, “so what do you want to do for Valentine’s Day?”

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Have at it. Worst he could do is say no.

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It is also okay for a girl to ask a guy out on any other normal Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

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I can’t think of a reason why not. Of course it’s okay.

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If you have just started dating and you are not exactly sure at what point you are at in your relationship, your guy might freak out. His reaction might give you a good idea of what point you are at.

Although in general, it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to ask a man out.

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Absolutely! I would love it to happen to me, even now. I would have been ecstatic when I was younger. It would mean a lot more than if a girl just asked me to hang out with her

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Certainly! Just keep it light and fun. And, as Pattijo said, you pay.

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I think those “rules” are outdated and it’s fine for a girl to ask a guy out any day of the year.

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Times have defiantly changed, it’s totally okay for the girl to ask the guy. I asked this guy to a summer dance at our camp (yes, I’m a girl) ... He said no, but it’s okay!! I think the somewhat example is good :)

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Ask him out, he’ll dig it.

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If it was any other day then I’d say go for it, no reason for a girl not to initiate if she’s interested in a guy who hasn’t made the first move but on V-Day then I think a guy would feel very awkward and a little pressure that it wasn’t a “regular” date. I’m female and I wouldn’t do it but that’s just me.

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i say do it!!

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Yes….there would be a whole lot less people on earth if girls didn’t ask guys out! ;)

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to quote pastors and priests everywhere “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

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