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Can you help me figure out what is wrong with my WiFi network connection?

Asked by tinyfaery (42664points) February 14th, 2011

For the past month or so my wifi will just kick me off of my wireless network and then when I try to log back on my computer cannot even find my wireless network. Then all of sudden I am back on wifi. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to get back on sometimes it takes an hour. Sometimes, if I turn my computer off and turn it back on it will reconnect, but not always.

I know the issue is not with my Airport. While I’m having all these issues with the wifi on my computer my phone has no problems with the connection.

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Are you on a Mac computer as well?

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About every three to six months my router starts doing unexpected things. I usually unplug it, unplug the modem for my ISP and shut my computer down.

Then start everything up from the wall to your computer, letting each one get completely started and most of the time that works for me.

No idea why.

If that’s not it, have you added anything new recently? Are your neighbors connecting? Sometimes there can be conflicts with either your own old connection if you keep trying to connect or a new one.

sniff @johnpowell would know

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I had a similar problem two days good then nada, got new drivers for my HP printer and that was five weeks ago. No problem since may not be related but make sure all your drivers are up-to-date.

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When I was having problems with my WiFi it was because there were way too many saved locations. So when my computer would search for a signal it would run right down this massive list. I deleted all the locations in that list except my home one and voila no problems.

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This can be one of many problems. Here are a few ideas:
1) interference with 2.4 GHz phones and microwave ovens
2) DSL modem getting old or needing firmware upgrade
3) many devices trying to use 802.11b at the same time
4) smartphone set to pick up e-mails “as they arrive” (continually)

These are just the problems I had, myself, in the last 2 years!

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what kind of router is it? if i knew then it would help me help me help you. I have set up my router myself and i fixed my landlords router at his company which did the same as yours…

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