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How to make columns into lists for .csv (excel) with Python?

Asked by chk8n (106points) February 15th, 2011

What I mean by column is when you have:

Student Grade GPA
Max B 3.2
Angel A 3.5
Sonny C 2.1

So column 1, I want: Student Max Angel Sonny
Column 2 I want: Grades B A C
So on….

That is what I have on .csv file.

The code I would need to use is:

StudFile = open(“grades.csv”, “r”)

How to make it read so that I only show the Name of the student AND the GPA only?

Thank you for the help!

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data = open(“grades.csv”,“r”).readlines()
for line in data:
[t]items = line.split()
[t]print items[0], items[2]

note that Fluther strips the required tabbing from the program, replace [t] with a real tab. Should add catching exceptions where the file doesn’t exist, or there is not 3 entries on a line. Also relies that the file uses whitespace, not commas to delimit columns. Should really close the file in the program and not leave the OS to sort it out.

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For more advanced CSV parsing, use the csv module.

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