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I have the basics of Python nailed. Can anyone recommend a good Python/Django book?

Asked by richardhenry (12638points) December 8th, 2008

I started learning Python a few days ago, and want to carry on learning with a book if anyone can recommend one. I’d be doing web development, so the book would need to cover things like OO in Python and go into depth with Django to be really useful to me. Any suggestions?

Recommendations for online resources are also appreciated, but mostly I’d like to learn from a book.

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Dive Into Python (http://diveintopython.prg) is an excellent Python book for programmers. “How to Think Like a Computer Scientist” is another excellent book to learn Python, for non-programmers. Bruce Eckel’s book ( is good for OO & Design Patterns, in Python context. All of these are available online. There’s the O’reilly “Programming Python” book, which you can read in Google book search (, or just go ahead & buy.

As for Django, there’s the Django book (, & lot’s of good documentation. Also, check out great talks on Django in YouTube. I recommend you just start playing with Django, & learn as you go. You can use the App-Engine-Patch ( to write Django projects for Google’s AppEngine cloud, which makes it very easy to bring value to people while playing with Django…

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Wow, The Django Book is really amazing. Thanks for the links!

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Also, as I just learned in iRC, a google search on python idioms will help you with your python-fu.

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Oh, and if you’re reading this question and in a similar situation to me, check out the Python Style Guide. It’s useful as hell. Thanks for the help!

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