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Do you ever have a day on Fluther when you just think, "Ugh"?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30950points) February 16th, 2011

I’m wondering about the kinds of days when you read the questions and just can’t relate. There are also the days when the questions are either too contentious or banal.

What do you do on those days when for whatever reason you simply can’t motivate yourself to get involved with any of the questions or threads?

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Yep, that’s usually when I end up taking a couple of months off… when I have a couple of those days in a row.

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The last few days, the questions have been “meh”.

I pop in for a bit, then leave. I come back later, hoping for some juicy ones.

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I have those days once in a while. I’ll either ask a fun question to liven things up, or just close the tab that’s always open and come back the next day.

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Those are the days I usually get off my butt and then ask a question.

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Of course. Sometimes it is the site and sometimes it is me.

I try not to answer questions when I feel myself in a mood.

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Yes that’ll be what I like to call ugh-day. Usually falls between a Tuesday & a Thursday.

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I think we all have times when we just don’t see anything interesting to answer .. or perhaps we just can’t be bothered to answer.
When that happens I go away until perhaps the following day, then check things out again.

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I don’t feel like I have to be engaged every single day…sometimes I go days without answering questions and I barely even notice it.

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Absolutely. Lately more often than not.

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For me, as well, Simone.

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What I really hate is seeing the lurve window filled up with +1s. Like the only think I have going for me is persistence.

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It’s funny how this question comes every so often, and people always go “yeah, it used to be much better back in the day”.

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“What do you do on those days when for whatever reason you simply can’t motivate yourself to get involved with any of the questions or threads?”

I hit the refresh button desperately hoping that something interesting pops up, or… actually try and do my job. D:

Even on bad days, it’s not so terrible though. Whoever said “There are no stupid questions” has never been on Yahoo Answers.

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On days when I can’t get motivated or questions are too contentious or banal is when I tear myself away from Fluther and do some constructive menial work around the house. What I really dislike is when it’s a good day on Fluther (IMO) I’m usually away from the computer for whatever reason.:(

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I cannot think of any time that I haven’t found some satisfactory participation; sometimes answering question, other times responding to other comments.

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Most days are like that for me. I don’t know what it is, but most of the time I won’t answer questions. Then, there are days like today where I decide to answer several of them. I’m not sure if answering one sets me off and gets me into the mood and rhythm of answering questions, or there are days where there are several questions that I have answers to. I don’t know. Just most of the time I don’t feel like answering questions, because I feel I have nothing to contribute.

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Yeah, back when I was a kid and played on Fluther, no wait, that was when I played pacman. Never mind.

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Yeah, yesterday was abnormally lame.

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Yes. And users who elicit an “ugh”.

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Today. I came across something that just flew all over me. I don’t flag a lot of things. I don’t complain about fluther. I don’t complain about other flutherites. Ok, I have to some degree complained about a few other flutherites, but I think it was more me, than them. It was my mood. But today, something just set me off.

I try to get past it or take a few days off.

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That’s when I start asking questions.

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Yea, sometimes I wonder how questions got recommended to me. There have been quite a few times I have 39 recommended questions and they are just all sooooo dull.

I’m especially over the “how can I lose weight” one. Everyone knows the answer is stop eating, but it’s asked at least once a week.

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Mostly it’s just about my own mood and energy level. If a Q doesn’t really grab me, I won’t bother answering. Same with asking. I wanted to ask a light-hearted question about dogs, but then I realized some users would get all attitudinous, so I’d have to word it so carefully, with so many restrictions, and sit there and flag the off topics or mean or heavily moralizing posts that the thought of a nice dog question just became overwhelming. <sigh> it was a nice question, too. Ah, well.

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@JilltheTooth Ask, ask! I need a nice dog question. ::Bounces up and down::

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Yes. Mostly answers though, not questions. :/

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