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What questions should really not be asked on Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37275points) September 28th, 2010

Is there a subject that really is taboo? Is Fluther for every kind of question?

Or is it something personal and intimate that you just can’t share with the collective?

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In the beginning you can ask anything you want. Then they “get to know you”.
Then you are back to not exposing yourself.
In general. I find that religion and homosexuality can and will get your ass bit off. Always a few in the crowd that find bullying better then logic.

Unless you are God, like myself.

Taboo? No. Otherwise censorship, book burning and dogs sleeping with cats will occur. And, we do not want that.

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Yes, this one.

Just kidding

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There are plenty of “issues” in my life that I could use some help with, but they are much too personal for a forum such as this.

And those questions where the OP should clearly be on their way to the hospital rather than on the internet.

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Someone asking actual instruction about sex. Like a how too, looking for graffic instructions. If you have to ask, you should not be having sex yet.
More than likely would either be asked by a prev, or a very young person who isn’t ready, or a perv.

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What is your PIN number…....? :¬)

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There have been some that get more or less universal negative reactions.

It’s best not to ask for advice on killing, either oneself or another. The old “I’m doing this for research for a story I’m writing” wears thin. No one with a conscience wants to be complicit in helping you off yourself, or to watch someone else do it instead. That’s kind of creepy.

Likewise, “why should I go on living?” questions are too much of a drain on people’s good nature. We all understand that people can be acutely depressed due to circumstances or brain chemistry or both, and we will mostly sympathize, but the answer is always the same: “Get help”. The rest is just needless melodrama.

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@ChazMaz And here I thought you were a lesbian!

@CyanoticWasp I think that those kinds of question can be appropriate. First, they can get sympathy and find out they are not alone. Second, they can be urged to get help. They usually believe no one cares, so why should they. When we urge them to get help, we are showing we care. It makes a difference, I believe.

I’m having a little trouble thinking of questions I don’t think should be asked. I mean, “how do you make a bomb?” That information is already on the web. As it information about killing people. We may not like such questions, but I don’t think we should say there are questions that shouldn’t be asked. Although some are against fluther rules.

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@wundayatta – I still am. ;-)

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My pet is bleeding/choking/can’t walk/won’t eat, etc. WTF? Go to the frickin’ vet. What can strangers do over the internet?

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@tinyfaery Couldn’t agree more. Same goes for ”I’m bleeding/choking/can’t walk/won’t eat, etc”.

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Questions about pedophilia should never be asked, evidently. The resulting hysteria doesn’t help anyone or anything.

For me, nothing that you can discuss is off-limits. I might not be interested in discussing it, but it should still be a possibility. Nothing illegal should be allowed of course.

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With that said, asking how to commit a crime or murder are no no’s.

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My arse is very sore today….don’t give your views on religion. It’s not safe.

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In my opinion you can ask what you want and say what you want as long as it doesn’t get modded.

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@daytonamisticrip you are wise little girl to be so young!

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@BoBo1946 thank you. You are very kind!

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@daytonamisticrip you are so welcome my young friend.

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I’m of the anything-goes mentality.

@BoBo1946 You’re not supposed to insert suppositories so deep. OH SNAP!

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@bob_ lmao….......... Oh me…

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I don’t like the idea of certain types of questions/topics being prohibited as a rule, but if for just a few weeks we didn’t have any that contained the words “christian”, “atheist”, “mosque”, “gender” or “Obama” in the title I wouldn’t be sad.

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I agree with most of the above (e.g., emergency care for people and animals should not happen through a forum like this, how-to’s regarding murder, suicide, sex, etc.) for all the reasons cited above. I am weighing in to assert that, as much as some questions bother me, I don’t have to respond to them nor do I have to read (or respond to) the questions or answers posited by flutherites who have earned my disrespect from their past questions/answers.

I prefer that NSFW questions not be inherently NSFW in their own right. I don’t much like trolls but they seem to be modded into oblivion for the most part. I don’t like homework questions disguised or otherwise and these are sometimes modded.

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If the guidelines say it’s not allowed, I would go with that.

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“What does this dream mean?” or other variations.
Stop it. Just stop it. They don’t mean anything.

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“Where can I score LSD in the city of…..” etc.

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Ehh good question..

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What tinyfaery said.

Get your pet to the damn pet. If you can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t have a pet!!

and get off of my lawn!

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Do you still beat your wife?

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*to the damn VET, I meant to say.

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“What makes anal sex exciting?”

That was asked the other day by a troll (who has since been given the boot).

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@mama_cakes Not that I approve of the question. But how was he given the boot. Does that mean he got modded. Only because I am curious about modding, not anal sex.

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He or she made other troll like responses, so, this person was given the boot.

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@mama_cakes I understand Darlin. But what exactly does “given the boot” mean in Fluther operational terms?

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Please don’t ask Do you think I am cute?( with a picture) I simply want to puke at those questions.

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ones about vaginal discharge

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@Samantha_Rae Thank you. I was just thinking the same exact thing.

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ha… i didn’t flag it, i swear!

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@mama_cakes You mean they do that? I am sort of surprised that I have not been banned.

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Hey guys? Guess how much sex I’m having?

One month later…
Guys, what’s wrong? We never have sex anymore!

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I have a dead hooker in my trunk. Anyone know an effective way to get rid of the body without getting caught?

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@uberbatman I understand that hooker steak can be pretty tasty. Just sayin’.

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@wundayatta yeaa i hear its incredibly high in protein.

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@dverhey There was a user who used to give up to date reports on her sex life all the time.

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@YARNLADY I’ve been doing that, too.

Here’s another one:

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Questions on certain topics that were not fully researched by the person asking them where that person already gives their own opinion on the topic. Some here claimed I’ve done this on one of my older cancer treatment questions but I felt I gave a strong argument in my favor anyway (even though no one agreed with me in my own question).

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@YARNLADY Please don’t forget to mention that she put up the required “NSFW” disclaimer every time she posted a question. Not every thread must be read.

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There are only a few categories of questions that we don’t allow at all. Asking for help with illegal activities is the main one. Questions that ask us to actually do the homework for you. Rants/propaganda disguised as questions. Spam (obviously).

@josie You don’t seem terribly troll-like to me.

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@augustlan There are only a few categories of questions that we don’t allow at all. Asking for help with illegal activities is the main one.

Auggie speaks the truth. She slaps me around once in awhile for talking about illegal file sharing. She has the patience of a saint, bless her.

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<cracks whip>

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Lets just avoid talking about lunch.

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Did someone say sandwiches?

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Any controversial or Right leaning political questions.

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I’m getting really tired of all the old get people to read your blog questions finding new life here. Like this and this and so on and so on.

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You know how when you flag a post it gives you about 8 or so choices as to why you flagged it? Unhelpful, Spam, Below Fluther standards, etc. There should be an additional one listed, “Post made reference to sandwich preparation”.

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@bob_ I’m glad you’re such a good sport :)

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@FutureMemory Good sport is my middle name :D

But you do recognize the difference between :D and D:, right?

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Yeah, if you put the eyes first it means you were around in the mid 90’s when the internet first took off, and if you put them after the letter it means you’re more the early 2000’s Myspace generation. Something tells me that’s not what you meant tho :)

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:D is a very happy smile.

D: is an “awww, man!” face.

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Haha I know :)

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Awww man is much better than Straw Man…

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“Must you be such a typical indoctrinated liberal?”

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I think one should be able to ask just about anything he/she likes. It’s up to everyone else how or whether to comment.

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Is Paris Hilton out of rehab?

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Is it just me, or…....?
No, it isn’t just you, there are probably hundreds of thousands who agree.

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I guess the questions not to asked, those requiring more thought than what a soda cracker could muster up. If the question is tough it might rankle feathers and can be seen as people bashing, flame-bait and it will never see the light of day. I am sure there are dozens upon dozens of sacred cows on Fluther but trying to decipher which one are that is a rather nebulous process.

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I’ve asked plenty of questions that are taboo to ask on Fluther :-p

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“Do these pants make my butt look big?”

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