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Is there a way to help anxiety/depression/anxiety without medication?

Asked by lolitalyss (40points) February 16th, 2011

I am 17, and well I’m a girl (obviously :P). I have an issue. I desperately need help with my depression, anxiety, and OCD WITHOUT medication. Why without medication? You may ask. Well, because both of my parents believe strongly that there is nothing wrong with me, and all I need is a little prayer. To put this as simply and as frank as possible. I do not believe in an imaginary being who can solve all of my problems with his all mighty-ness. I have panic attacks on a weekly basis, I find myself staying in bed, and just worrying constantly about everything. I have many OCD tendencies. I do alot of things that people would consider “out of the norm” .

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Well, I understand the pickle you’re in. You might have to get your parents to concede a visit to a doctor for consultation. Otherwise you might be out of luck until you’re 18 and can visit on your own. Medication will probably be your best bet. So in the mean time, remember you’re still a teenager with hormones, and that some of these feelings, if not most, will pass. The OCD I know nothing about personally so, again I recommend seeing a doctor. You’re going to have to get a parent or guardian to help you out for that.

You’re not alone, many flutherers don’t believe in imaginary beings.

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Only a therapist or MD in the field can make that call. It is up to them to diagnose you and to put a plan in order to help whatever is going on.

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Thankyou guys, but I really just needs something to get me by until October. Like a way to take the edge off of things that wouldn’t include a doctor or religion?

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The good thing about medication, even if you’re only on it for a short while, is that it gives you a sense of what normal is supposed to feel like. That being said, it your symptoms aren’t severe, it is possible to self-manage, but it will take a whole lot of effort and will-power on your part, and may not feel natural.

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Right but how would I do that?

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Self-Help is your friend.

Go to your local book store, ask where to find the Psycology and Self-Help section. Start reading. There’s a lot of people who out there who have mastered symptoms of depression, ocd, and more without medication. These people then went on to write about it in books.

Browse every title you can find. Don’t buy the first book you pick up. Some writers are amazing and some really suck. Get recommendations online or from whoever is browsing the section with you.

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Ok this will sound dumb but watch Cesar Millan he’s full of motivational tips and they don’t always pertain to dogs. Seriously. You really just need something to motivate you honey. I have been in your shoes and medication only landed me to an almost near death sentence. Not saying this happens with everyone, but I was totally against meds and abused them and really hated the side effects which I suffered from and almost lost my life because of that. On another note, I have found other positive things to help myself through the tough times, and I am not on any medication and I am doing pretty good. I also exercise daily which makes me feel 200% better, even if I don’t want to I push myself to do it. Good luck which ever path you choose :)

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There’s always ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away on it’s own. If you’re suffering and it’s hard to cope with your anxiety, depression and OCD- talking to a doctor is pretty important. If you can’t do that, talk to your guidance/school counselor, or an adult you trust about your concerns. It’s going to be hard for you to “treat” yourself without a diagnosis. You might not even have OCD or an abnormal anxiety issue. Establishing methods to calm yourself down and cheer yourself up, would help somewhat. Getting to the bottom of what is causing these underlining problems would something to pursue (with a professional*). There are other options than prayer, most of them being medical in nature. I understand not wanting to be medicated, and you might not need that at all, but talking to a doctor is a good place to start. I see you saying no doctors or prayers, well… that sort of leaves you on your own to fix your own problems. I don’t recommend that. Get some help from somebody not on the internet.

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I had the same problem when I was 17. I felt I needed medication but my parents would not believe there was something wrong. Things got pretty bad in college and I started seeing a counselor who eventually recommended medication. I tried it and it didn’t work out for me, so I’m still looking too. So far the best thing I can recommend is cognitive therapy self help books. I really liked “Feeling Good” by David Burns.

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Yoga breathing exercises and guided meditations can help. (remember yoga is Not Hinduism, it’s a philosophical system that has physical exercises as a power tool) Be prepared to relax, it might be a new experience.

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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to Thankyou all for all of the help! My mom finally talked to the family doctor and I got put on meds. My life is so much better! I do yoga, read books, light candles, and take meds. I am one evened-out girl! :) Lurve to everyone!!! <3

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This is so great to hear. Thanks for the followup.

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