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Facebook: friends that show up on your profile page (left side), does it mean anything or is it random?

Asked by Jude (32134points) February 16th, 2011

Weird thing is, I would say that 70 percent of the friends put up there (on my page) are the same folks. They are definitely people with whom I communicate with most. A few, I barely or never talk to them.

Could it be the people who check out your Facebook page, people who you communicate the most with (via comments and emails), or completely random?

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Your chat is located bottom right , on the left top you see a group of people , those are the people who are on chat or have the chat line open . They should be just the people on your friends list .

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Just checked. There is only one person listed as my friend (left side) that is in chat.

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I’ve wondered this myself. I miss the day when we could choose what friends were listed to the left. sigh

It does look like friends you communicate with the most with a random friend or two thrown in.

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@Pattijo I believe she is referring to the selection of six friends that appears on the left side of your profile, not the home page.

The pattern for mine seems to be about three friends that I communicate with regularly and three that I rarely, if ever, communicate with.

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@Fly , Oh okay thank you Fly , I thought she meant the homepage .

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@Jude , I thought I had the correct answer for you , I thought you meant your homepage , so sorry

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I went and looked it up and above the space where the people are in the little boxes , it says ’’ Friends on chat ’’ on the left side , off the profile page . I thought that was right

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