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What is the best euphemism had you heard for urination?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) February 16th, 2011

When you have to go urinate what euphemism do you use, ”drain the lizard”, ”drain the clam”, ”go tinkle”, sprinkle the porcelain”_, something else?

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I just say “I’ve got to use the bathroom”, but the best one I’ve heard is “Pay the water bill”.

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Point percy at the porcelain.

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In Spain I learned to say “regar las plantas” (water the plants).

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syphon the python

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in elementary school we used to say “make lemonade”

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Going to see a man about a dog.

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After some guys at school took Anthropology, we called it “a Louis”, as in Louis B Leakey.

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Similar to @iphigeneia, I’ve heard “Going to see a man about a horse.”

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I like on NPR’s Car Talk they talk about a bathroom break on a road trip as “stopping off to get a haircut”.

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Shake the dew off your lily (although it has always made me cringe)

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Gotta decant.

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“Piddle” is by far my favorite expression.


“I gotta go drain the main vein.”

“I’m going to go shake hands with my wife’s best friend.”

“Gotta shake the slippery snake.”

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In England I have heard, for that first peepee after you have drunk a couple of pints – “Going to break the seal” because if you are drinking pints of beer (as done frequently in England) it seems that once you have gone for that first peepee you need to go often.
But I am a girl and don’t drink pints so I don’t use it personally!

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