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How well can you score on the innuendo game?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26837points) August 5th, 2011

In the US it seems even the most innocent of conversation can lead back to sex. So much euphemisms and innuendos are use to describe sexual parts and the act of doing sex that just about any conversation can seen as sexual. In the following five examples, can you tell what is really being talked about, which ones are about sex, and which are about other things? Don’t feel bad of you don’t ace it, I suspect very few would.

1. Some women behind you in another booth have a conversation like: “It was our honeymoon and I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I was screaming and hopping all over the bed, I hope we didn’t wake the guest in the other room.” Cell phone rings and that is all you get. Sex talk or not?

2. At a cab stand you hear two men speaking and it follows: “You know that new manager, the hot one that flirts with me a lot?” Other gent, “Uh huh”. “Well it was a slow night and calls me to the supply room to help her get some stuff off a high shelf. As she is handing me down reams of paper she loses her balance and falls into my arms. Lets just say it was magical. That copy machine got a workout, good thing it is a tough piece of machinery!”

3. You are on an elevator a woman behind you is on the phone and says, “Oh let me tell you, I was having such a good time with him I never wanted to leave. I just wanted to shove it to the back of my throat. Of course he was surprised, but I hadn’t had one in so long I just kinda went crazy”. Then she steps off the elevator.

4. You are standing by a paper rack and two young men walk up to get a paper, you over hear: “Yeah bro, she said I could never get anything. I got her to the concert, and I got her back stage, once there I got her drunk, then I got it all before the song played.”

5. You getting cream for your coffee at the bistro and one woman is having a conversation with another. “Are you kidding? He goes on and on for months about how he is a marathon runner. Finally I give him a chance, and he is more like a sprinter, if not a false start out of the gate”, then they walk out of ear shot.

Who was speaking sex, and who was talking about something else? Euphemisms and innuendos do not make it too easy. Huh? How well do you believed you scored?

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1 Not sexual
2 Sexual
3 Sexual
4 Sexual
5 Not sexual

I have no idea. I’m just guessing based on my first impression.

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1 – They won the lottery
2 – Sold a new copier
3 – Used a Ricola to soothe her sore throat
4 – Groupie did the band
5 – Dude pulls a hamstring

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<slaps forehead> @Cruiser Close on one, and I ain’t saying which, and a miss on the rest. Innovative though…. ;-P

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1. Not sexual
2. Sexual
3. Not sexual
4. Sexual (possibly non-consentual)
5. Sexual

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Oh gosh, a lot of these could go both ways (<—sexual?)!

Here’s my guess but I’m not confident in it at all:
1. Not sexual
2. Sexual
3. Not sexual
4. Not sexual
5. Not sexual?

Dunno, they could all really be innocent (and i’m inclined to think many of them are, as many people would be super embarrassed to discuss that stuff where they could be overheard; especially the elevator one) but you’re right, they all could be interpreted as innuendos. Perfect opportunities for “that’s what she said!” XD

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Interesting….....out of @AmWiser and @Mariah one of you got 3 of 5, while the other ACED IT!!! But, not to ruin the fun for others, I will withold those findings just a tad longer :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central Ha, that’s funny, because 4 and 5 were the two I was least confident about, and comparing my answers to @AmWiser tells me nothing at all on those two!

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That is why you will have to tune in for news at 11, to see who actually had the “gift” to sort through the innuendoes the best. ;-)

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So excited.

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Oh! It’s not 11 yet. Sorry, I’ve been away so long and I’m anxious.

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Oops, sorry got caught up with Nightline. <ahem> The person that aced it, drum roll please,………… don’t you hate that suspense music while they make you wait? We will give you the answer right after you visit here. OK, now that you are back, the one who aced it and have the gift to discern innuendo and double-speak is……..@AmWiser!!!!! Yey!!!! plus she gets to sweep up all the confetti when we are done. :-)

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I won! I won! Really, I’m all smiles. This just really makes my day (oh! it’s night now). Where’s my broom vacuum, I must get busy cleaning up this place…. whistling while I work.

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@AmWiser I won! I won! Really, I’m all smiles. Yes, you really did. The first was the bride seen a big spider by the bed. The second was sex on the copy machine, at least she was perched on it. The third was a woman out on a date and got a Polish dog of sorts she has not had in ages with everything on it and just went Neanderthal on it, greedily gobbling it down. Forth was sex back stage, of course. And the Fifth was a braggart who said he had staying power but orgasms before his partner can even get warmed up.

When part two comes up, lets see if you are so “gifted” Hee hee hee

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’ll be awaitin!:p

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