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Would you find this picture offensive?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) February 17th, 2011

If you were on a forum, and someone had this as their signature, would you find it offensive?

(I uploaded it to my personal photobucket for the sake of this question)

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Huh. I’m not sure how to respond to that. There’s a knee-jerk aversion to any images of Hitler, and a knee-jerk aversion to any suggestion of racist references. The image itself seems to be mocking Hitler, but I still think it’s in very poor taste. I’m not personally offended, but I suspect it could easily be offensive to many. I would certainly be leery of anyone using that as a signature.

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I am offended by its sheer volume of stupidity

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Yes, I would find it offensive and be very suspicious of the motives of anyone who would want it as their Avatar. I would wonder if they were just attempting macabre humor or were in fact a Neo-Nazi.

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@hug_of_war: okay, but are you offended by the image of Hitler, in a manner that may or may not be mocking him?

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What is that in his hands that drops?

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@bkcunningham: The picture imposes a cartoon watermelon in his hands, and it looks like he’s taking a big chomp out of it.

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I should also note.. my sister is a junior in high school, and I’m helping her with this for her sociology class. They had to pick something that may or may not be viewed as offensive… something that’s kind of toeing the line… and gauge as many reactions as they could.

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I would not be offended by a mere image of Hitler.

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@marinelife summed it up for me…I am not offended by images of Pol Pot ,etc.etc. etc.either.

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It doesn’t offend me.

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It’s funny! Why in the world would that offend me?

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Yeah my first reaction was to laugh.

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It’s something more than him looking down?
I don’t care…
Like it or not Hitler is a historical figure….

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I’m not offended, but I don’t think it’s funny either. It seems stupid to me.

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Oh, come on. That’s just paranoia. Loosen up.

I think it’s just benign random silliness, of the kind that you’ll find boatloads of on the internet. It surely doesn’t encourage Hitler’s social philosophy, or take him seriously at all. It just shows his face.

And face it, Hitler was right. Melons are delicious.

Incidentally, is this real Hitler footage, or is it from that Charlie Chaplin parody film?

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What @wilma said.

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@Fyrius: It just looks to me like someone took footage of a Hitler speech and drew a watermelon with tones of grey into it.

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It’s a silly gif of a guy, who happens to be Hitler, dropping a watermelon. What’s there to be offended about?

Considering it’s the internet, that is rather tame.

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Yes, I know. But I’m wondering if the original melon-less footage was real, or from that film.

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Yeah I don’t get it….if this offended someone, they wouldn’t even be able to talk about Hitler in school books, because being offended at the sheer sight of someone is about as bad as being offended at the mention of their name. Come on. There are no piles of dead Jews in the background.

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Not offensive to me.
I thought it was silly, but not offensive.

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The actual image itself does not offend me, but I am not easily offended by historiacal figures. The fact that Hitler is being parodied with a watermelon which, along with fried chicken, is usually reserved for black figures pre-Civil war is not offensive. If someone was using this as a signature or avatar, I would have to question why they chose that particular picture as representative of their personality, but still not offended.

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Not offensive.
But he was a bit more deranged than the buffoon image shown.
I also have no problem with satire about him. The Great Dictator

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The Hitler animation does not bother me, I think it’s silly.

But if it were simply a straight picture of Hitler, I would assume the person who posted it was a fan.

re: watermelon which, along with fried chicken, is usually reserved for black figures pre-Civil war

In Republican circles, watermelon and fried chicken jokes are still considered hilarious.

Another link

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I actually think that it’s hilarious – but for a reason that might be me giving it too much credit.

Hitler is chomping on a watermelon. Of course, Hitler’s regime was well-known for propagating the idea of aryan superiority – the Master Race – and a eugenics culture, claiming other races were inferior – including those of African descent. And, it’s also well known that the U.S. participated in the Berlin Olympics (not one of our finest moments) and that this Olympics was broadcast with one of the strongest television signals at the time all over the world as a show of Nazi strength.

The public embarrassment that resulted was when African Americans dominated – particularly Jesse Owens who broke 11 Olympic records in those games.

And the Nazi machine was known for it’s efficient visual propaganda campaign, portraying those of other races – including anti-black propaganda meant to scare people about “race mixing.”

The mid-20th century classicly racist image of the black man was that of the slow-witted man on a porch – eating a watermelon. As @jaytkay just mentioned above.

So…maybe I’m not wrong that this was intentionally as smart as I thought it was. It’s a wonderful sort of meta-commentary.

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My gut instinct was it was calling Obama a Nazi in a racist way, but who knows.

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I think it’s reading far too much into the tea leaves to give it the kind of contra-meaning that @iamthemob suggests (though it’s a laudable attempt). It seems mostly nonsensical to me. But along those lines, here’s another interesting image (non-animated) and commentary. (It also gives suggestions for some other spoofs you might want to look up. The banjo tune is kind of catchy.)

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I immediately thought of Hitler killing black people. I wouldn’t be offended but I would sure wonder about the person who had it. The person who made it is also questionable.

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Meh, just random silliness imo.

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I would be grateful. That person takes all the guess work out of any hidden and or surprise racist agendas.

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I wouldn’t create anything hysterical out of it.

While it may be significant in some manner it is also a lesson for not jumping to conclusions without fact.

One would have to have the persons answer to make a decision on something like this.

It might be ‘random silliness’ as mentioned above.

Why is it that humans always assume the worst first? haha

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I don’t find it offensive.

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Nah, tame stuff that. I actually had a promo pic for Inglorious Basterds as my avatar when I first joined here. Had his head & shoulders with a sniper crosshair aimed at the stoopid fellow .Liked the imagery, but only because the movie kicks arse. Only ever had one complaint that I can recall.

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It’s mocking his speaking style and his hand gestures, it just so happens that watermelons fit the size given with his outstretched hands.

I feel that if anyone truly gets offended by that either has racist guilt issues, or is just looking to be offended by anything.

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As far as the use of the watermelon, I was on the same line of thought as @sinscriven.

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The internet is full of stuff like that. I feel really bad for people who would wring their hands over any of it.

As for the image itself, I didn’t find it offensive, and I didn’t find it funny. It’s just “there,” as far as I’m concerned. Being aware of the way internet culture is, I highly doubt the owner of the avatar is a neo-Nazi or anything like that.

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I don’t find it offensive.

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Offensive? No. Funny? No.

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I think it’s stupid, but not offensive.

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Yes it certainly makes an impression doesn’t it? It’s a funny image in a dark humor kind of way but if there is additional context, like the guy bashes Obama and compares him to the man in the image, yikes.

I don’t think it’s a great idea for a signature. And I’m sure it’s going to offend somebody.

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Nope…. It’s just a picture of a dead guy. :-/

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I don’t find it offensive. I find it to be hilarious. Anyone who finds it offensive needs to lighten up. It is just a picture of Hitler. Yes, I said it. It’s just a picture of hitler. I own a copy of Mein Kampf as well. Am I a Nazi? No, I am not. Since he is eating a watermelon and acting like it was the most delicious watermelon in the world I would say that anyone who had this as his avatar on fluther would have a great sense of humor.

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I’m not sure what it is he’s picking up, but no, I don’t get offended that easily.

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@12Oaks I asked the same thing. The poster said ,“The picture imposes a cartoon watermelon in his hands, and it looks like he’s taking a big chomp out of it.”

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Maybe it’s generational – I wouldn’t like looking at it, but I don’t think it’s offensive in itself. What is stands for is offensive.

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Offensive, no. Ridiculous yes. I find it more childish than anything.

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I like watermelon. Nyom, nyom.

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Not offended.

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Not offended either.

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Well, we’re all a pretty even bunch here…benign neutrality prevails.

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What a waste of a watermelon , he dropped it !!

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No, but then I’m not a Jew….............

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