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Having frequent headaches, feeling bloated and can't eat. What's wrong?

Asked by xrawrrr (46points) February 17th, 2011

Lately I have been having headache’s for almost the whole day and I have been tired too (sometimes I’m already kinda exhausted from walking up the stairs). I feel bloated like the whole day, and I can’t eat anything because the smell of food just makes me nauseous. After a few bites I’m done, and I’ve already lost a couple of pounds the past weeks. What’s wrong with me, I have never felt like this before and now I’m starting to worry a little bit.

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Male or female, age, sexually active?

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I’m a female, 18 years old and yes, sexually active.

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Pregnancy comes to my mind, then.

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I can’t be pregnant because we used protection :( and it didn’t seem like the condom broke or anything like that…

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Welcome to Fluther. No birth control is 100% effective. Even if you’re sure, go get a home pregnancy test. The first thing a doctor will ask is “are you sexually active?” and then order a pregnancy test.

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Maybe you have the flu.

When did the symptoms begin, how long?

Obviously, nobody here can advise you, other than to see a doctor if they persist for long.

Headache is not usually a symptom of pregnancy, perhaps the bloating, the lack of appetite could go either way with both a virus or early pregnancy.

Don’t panic, but look at all possibilities.

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Maybe IBS? In any case, get thee to a doctor.

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See a doctor. Strangers on the Internet cannot diagnose you.

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