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What makes a "beautiful city"?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) February 18th, 2011

You hear all the time, ______ is a beautiful city.
What makes a beautiful city? What about the city makes it beautiful?
What’s your criteria?

What are some of your favorite “beautiful” cities?
What’s an example of a not-so-beautiful city?

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Cities All suck and the people trapped in them that say otherwise are either mentally poisoned or just plain deficient (or greedy).
Why people continue to flock together like sheep in a pen whilst the gate is wide open is baffling to me.
Maybe they are waiting for the herd leader to tell them its ok to leave, nevertheless they will still follow blindly, over the edge of a cliff it thats where the media (and money) tells them is Cool

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When I thought of the concept of a “beautiful city” the first place that came to mind was San Francisco (I have never traveled abroad but have been to several large American cities). I think San Francisco is beautiful because of the architecture, the landscape (all those hills – unless you are driving a stickshift), the views of the bay, those awesome bridges, and unique characteristics like the cable cars.

I do not think Los Angeles is a beuatiful city. There are parts of Los Angeles that are beautiful, but for the most part the city itself is just hum drum. I feel this way about LA probably because it is so sprawling and there is no feeling of cohesion.

@Odysseus you have done an awesome job of using your personal dislike of city living to slander an enormous group of people. Impressive. Incredibly judgmental, but impressive nonetheless.

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Look up pictures of, or visit, Savannah Georgia.

It is the definition of beautiful city. Its so beautiful that on Sherman’s March to the ocean in the civil war, he stopped there and refused to harm something so beautiful.

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A beautiful city is one in which the natural setting is beautiful like Seattle or Denver, the architecture is interesting or unique like Boston.

A not beautiful city is one that is a large sprawl without any redeeming views like Las Vegas.

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I like @marinelife‘s descriptions of what makes a city beautiful or not beautiful. Having travelled in Italy, I have to add that history also adds to the beauty of a city. The most beautiful city I’ve visited is Florence, with Rome taking a close second. Naples, which is much more commercial and has far less “history” associated with it, is not beautiful (at least I don’t think so).

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First is the people, then the city government. A good government will manage the city well and maintain it, build great parks, theaters and sport venues and most of all keep it safe and clean. Ocean views and mountain vistas only do so much the make a city beautiful and IMO without friendly people and a good government no city can be truly beautiful.

I think Chicago is a very beautiful city and sadly Detroit continues to suffer greatly.

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Broad sidewalks. Old trees. Bicycle routes. Car-free pedestrian zones. Family-owned shops and restaurants.

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@tedd Damn shame Sherman didn’t think the same thing about Charleston and Columbia – which incidentally, today marks the 100th anniversary of Sherman’s burning of Columbia. Hell no, we will never forget!!
I love New Orleans and what makes it beautiful for me is the people. I have never been anywhere where people were so friendly and accommodating. You never meet a stranger there, and if you don’t make a friend, it’s because you are not smiling! I love the music, the food, the Big Muddy, the festivals, the ferry, the Saints… all of it.
I also love Charleston which in many ways reminds me of New Orleans with its charming architecture, rich history and oh my God! the restaurants!!

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Barcelona is a beautiful city. Wide open streets, intimate squares, impressive architecture, beautiful park, great restaurants etc.

Paris and London have all that plus some incredible museums and a decent sized river running through the centre. London also has an amazingly cosmopolitan feel.

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The arts. A great city for me needs a theatre district, an opera house, plenty of museums and galleries and people with enough balls to perform in the street.

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lights, people walking everyday all hours of the night, big tall building, people riding in cars blaring there music, people that are nice. downtown areas.

places that have nice party areas for the younger people & for the older people. places for kids to go

then nice places like churches, arts places…

then places where theres sports to be played like football stadiums & basketball courts.

high schools that do a bunch of astuff with the kids, show there school spirit all over town.

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Kind people, music, water, bicycles and old stone buildings.

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@Odysseus I couldn’t have said it better. Nice comment old chap!

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Hilly streets, trees, views of water, captivating architecture—San Francisco.

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@Aster I loved San Francisco when I visited last year. My boyfriend and I plan to spend more time there this year.

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A beautiful city is the one that has beautiful architecture and a pleasant environment.

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