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Ever had a bad haircut? Tell us about your awful experience?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 18th, 2011

A co-worker of mine just got one (she’s livid), and, man, do I ever feel for her. Ooof.


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In first grade, behind a desk lid that lifted up, I thought I was cutitng my bangs with a dull scissors. When I got home, I had a bald spot at my hairline.

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I ‘ve had a few over the years. But I am a guy, and they aren’t as funny looking after a couple weeks, and are generally rectified after another haircut 4 weeks after the botched one.

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I once had my hair straightened and cut. The result was hideous. I have a picture in my old album that humiliates me any time I see it!

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I spent months growing out my bangs and the #**# cut a chunk on each side of my face to chin level. She had the first cut cut and I didn’t have my glasses on so I had to let her do the other side- puke.

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I used to cut my own hair when I got out of college as I couldn’t afford to pay a barber back then. Doesn’t get any worse than that!! lol!

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@Cruiser Oooo. You need a Flowbee! lol

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@Cruiser Pictures please!

You guys should live with thinning hair. It’s a bad haircut every time.

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I had hair down to my butt when I was a kid and my mum talked me into having it cut into a bob (just below my ears). I instantly regretted it. Mortified isn’t a strong enough word. I have never since had short hair but it’s neverquite grown back to it’s former glory :(

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I was given bowl cuts until I was 13. Then I was allowed to have my hair the way I wanted it. I immediately started growing it long, but the person my mother brought me to assumed I wanted a mullet rather than long hair. So after that first “new” haircut, I had to start all over again.

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hasn’t everybody? There was no aweful experience with a haircut.

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Several. The worst was my senior year of college, just before I went to England for 10 weeks. I got my haircut very, very short. Until that moment, I never knew how much I resembled Emilio Estavez. <shudders from the horror of that cut.>

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I give myself bad haircuts 3 – 6 times per year. It ain’ no thang.

Do you know the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?







Two weeks.

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At the beginning of fifth grade, I had long, thick blond braids. My father used to brush and braid them each morning before school.

Then my mother brought a woman in to give me a hair cut. Her technique was to snip each braid off.. thwack, thwack…like pruning a tree.

My mother tossed the two braids into the bathroom wastebasket. Years later, I found them tucked away in a box in our attic. Apparently my father had fished them out and saved them. Of course, he never mentioned it to me, but still…

I did look a fright until my mother took me to a regular salon and had the bush shaped and trimmed.

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Well, there are hairstyles that I’ve had in the past that I look back on with a cringe. As a little kid, I had a bowl-cut all the time…then it was short hair from then on. Until 8th grade when I decided to bring back the longer bowl-like hair. So awful…what was I thinking? :P

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My most traumatic one was in 4th grade. I had beautiful long hair that I got a lot of compliments on. The trend was for “pixie cuts” at that time. It was the “in” thing. My Mom took me to the hair salon to get my hair cut. I kept telling her, “I don’t want a pixie cut, make sure she knows I don’t want a pixie cut!” Guess what I got. A pixie cut. And I hated it!!!!

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Are you 50ish? @Earthgirl. I had a pixiecut and I did not have coarse enough hair to carry it off!

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A good friend of mine who was a hairdresser, cut my hair into a horrible mom haircut when I was in my early 20s. I never forgave him or went to him again. The upside of this is that my boyfriend at the time introduced me to his hairdresser, who ended up giving me a great haircut about a year later. I kept going to him for years, 20 in fact.

The hairdresser and I have now been married for 8 years. Although he’s not a professional hairdresser anymore, our kids and I continue to get great, free haircuts.

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When I was in grade 3 my mum thought it would be a good idea to cut my longish hair off into a “pixie” too. Of course she did it herself and I ended up with a very jagged, uneven fringe, it was so short and horrible someone asked me if I was a boy (these things you never forget :p)

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There is another thread that asks what we are afraid of and I should have mentioned hairdressers. I have had ‘so many’ bad experiences with hairdressers. I will try to keep this brief though and just tell you about two “incidents”.

The first involved ‘the perm’. I had a great perm (well I thought so at the time and it was the 70s). It needed redoing though and my step-mother convinced me not to go to the original and very expensive hairdresser but to go to her niece who was “a fantastic hairdresser!!!” So I didn’t listen to my inner voice. The ‘niece’ did her stuff and after it was finished, rather than the Stevie Nicks look I had to start with, I resembled Michael Jackson. :-| So the next morning I headed off to the original hairdresser with my MJ Afro and she was not happy with me. So she cut it all out, leaving me with rather short, straight hair at the top and a ring of curls around the bottom. AAAGH! So, now almost hysterical (actually I was hysterical) I went to the local hairdresser who chopped off the curls. Last perm I ever had.

The second occasion related to the “Purdy” hairstyle again of the 70s. Think New Avengers/Joanna Lumley. I loved it. It needed a trim though and my best friend was now an apprentice hairdresser at a top salon. She convinced me to come in as a model. She wouldn’t be cutting my hair, her boss would. And he did. He cut it a lot. He made me look like a monk! And on the way home all my friend could say was “I am so, so sorry”. That did not help…

So, hairdressers…......... shudder…. scare me.

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Yes,I certainly have.My sister gave me one.She cut all my hair off and then told me that she cleared space to attach the electrodes.XD
Another time I gave myself a permanent.My hair is already wavy,so that defied logic (think Howard Stern) I put tiny rollers in and left it in past the given time because I wanted it to last,dagnabit!
Well,I gave myself a really wide part,a bald spot if you will….
I ran into my sister at a club and she fell out laughing after she saw my comb-over.
I love her,man ;)

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When I was 22 some person cut my straight bands 2” long. I could not stop pulling on them, wanting them to just cover my eyebrows. Then this girl we were with said, “yeah, I thought they were cut too short.” Nice.

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Oh my god. I just got the worst haircut of my life. Oh my fucking god.

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Oh, no!

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I got my hair cut 3 times in Paris, and I haven’t had my hair cut professionally for about half my life, nor had I ever ordered a haircut in French! The first two times went ok because I was on my toes and watching his every move. But the third time, I let my guard down and he cut off my sideburns, which I have been cultivating for a while, completely off! I rather miss them as I have almost no facial hair at all :-p

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