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Ever been to a hairstylist and they did something totally different than what you had asked them to do?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 5th, 2012

(not sure if that question is worried properly).

Please share your experience and how you handled it.

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Yup. It has happened more than once. Usually it is a hairstylist who has “texturized” my hair, which I always specifically say not to do. I handled it by never going back to that person. If it has to do with a color I am not happy with, I tell them, and let them redo the color if they offer. If the next color is good, I would still go back.

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Yes. I didn’t go back. I didn’t want it “stylized”; just cut the way it naturally grows. (It has a mind of its own.)

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Yes, and this was a stylist whom I’d used for many years. At some point, she just stopped listening and let her will prevail. The first time this happened, I expressed a bit of surprise and mild displeasure at the outcome. When I returned a few months later, I reminded her that I had not been too happy with the last style, but she repeated her offenses. That was the last time I saw her.

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Ohh don’t get my grandma started on this! She refuses to go to female hairstylists because she insists they always do this, and only the men will listen to what you want.

I’ve stopped letting any hairdressers cut my bangs. They have a mind of their own, and even when I tell them how it works, they do what might work on others, and I’m back to square one of waiting for them to grow out.

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Yep. ^And like @sliceswiththings grandma, I only will allow a man to cut my hair now. Period.

We had a really sweet, good hairstylist just down the street from our home. My mom & I went to her regulalry. Then, she began doing what she wanted. The final cut she gave me was so far off from what I wanted. I tried telling her firmly what I wanted each time, as did my mom. She just did what she wanted…I think she’d get carried away in her conversations or whatever. She’d just keep cutting. :/

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Yea, it happened to me a lot when I was younger. Being soft-spoken at the time, I just tried to fix it when I got home. Now I do my own hair because I’m very particular.

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When I moved to Montana, I went to a place in the mall looking for a new stylist. The woman who volunteered to cut my hair was about 22 or 23, and I had gorgeous one-length loose curly hair down to the middle of my back. I asked for just 2 inches to be cut off and when she turned the chair around at the end, she had given me a 80’s Rod Stewart mullet. I was in tears, but was really passive and paid for it. As I was leaving, I looked back and she and her other 2 young coworkers were nearly on the floor howling with laughter.

I evened the haircut out myself then didn’t do anything else until I returned to Alabama 11 months later to visit and saw my regular hairdresser.

Now, if I don’t get a haircut I like, I ask for it to be fixed- if it is not fixed, I move on to a new person. 4 years ago I got an extremely unwanted Bump-it cut, byebye Lisa. Last year I was given a stark bob, bye bye Jessica.

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Yes, and it pissed me off. She used some weird kind of chemical that fried my hair, but because of the “treatment”, I wasn’t able to wash it and style it afterward, so I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until the following morning.

She had totally ruined my hair; I had to cut 5 inches off and do deep conditioning treatments every other day for several months before it was even remotely close to fixable.

What did I do? I walked back into the salon the next morning, red-faced with rage, in tears and shaking, in front of the other customers. I thoroughly showed the “stylist” how damaged and nasty my hair was and demanded my money back. Before I left the salon with my money, two customers had walked out.

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Oh yeah. My stepdad once took me into a Supercuts where my waist length hair was botched into a ghetto cut of short side feathers over the ears and straight hanging hair in back. Envision super long mullet without the fluffy top.~ My mother returned from her vacation and threw a fit at how ugly it was. It took $50. and an afternoon with a different salon to blend the fugly into something more Farrah Fawcet-ish.

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Yes, the day of my daughter’s wedding. I went back to the hotel and washed my hair and just wore it down and straight like I always do.

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^@Molly, that happened to me for a prom, too. :( I cried, washed my hair and returned to an amped up version of my typical self.

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