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What was the biggest savings you ever got on the "cash payment no receipt required" discount?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) February 19th, 2011

It seems one should get at least 30% off for whatever goods or service, usually service though, they are purchasing. Say a plumber comes by, and he estimates $500.00. You say “How about $300.00 cash, no receipt required?” so he could get himself some “tax-free income”. It’s a good way for both to save on money and get ahead a touch.

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Good luck suing without a receipt. I have no objecting to dealing on the grey or black market, and do so whenever I can get away with it. But on high-ticket trades work, there are simply too many crooks to take the risk. Unless I knew that I was dealing with a certified union journeyman (and chances are sie wouldn’t do a cash deal), I wouldn’t risk it.

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For any “real” work needed to be done….I want my receipt…..But I did get towed once for 45 cash instead of 60….But normally I want my receipt for whatever I buy…

Lol in my business, customers are always trying this with me…...none have succeeded and none will…I don’t do “cash deals” is posted and if they try too much they get banned.

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I once bought kitchen cabinets at 70% off list. WTH is “list”? Who is insane enough to pay their list? I know that whatever % the are offering they are still making fistfulls of money.

“Today only you can 50% off the price we just doubled to give you this fantastic deal!!”

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My ex husband and I used to barter our handmade jewelry for things like salon services, car repair, artwork, dental work, etc. It was great.

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My ex thought she was getting a deal on a new heater bought from a guy at the heating company and installed off the clock for cash. The savings was about $700 all together.

About six months later the heater didn’t work quite right, she called the company to get him to come out to look at it. He no longer worked there. When a serviceman came out, the heater was a unit that had “gone missing” from a heating company 50 miles away, and had no warranty. My ex spent more in getting it re-installed correctly, upgrading the thermostat and getting a warranty/service contract.

I only pay cash to someone I know who will stand by their work.

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What you’re proposing is illegal. In fact I think the IRS offers a reward for turning people that do that.

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The IRS already gets about half my money, I’m just looking to get back a little what is mine to begin with. Besides, it’s not illegal to the buyer. I will pay for the service, what the payee does from there on out is really none of the payers business. If the payee reports it to the IRS, then no laws has been broken on either side. Giving cash discounts is hardly illegal, in fact, some places will charge more for credit cards or checks. This is really no different in practice.

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This is what makes it illegal

so he could get himself some “tax-free income”.

Conspiracy to defraud the government. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not some do-gooder that is incensed by your comment. It goes on all the time. It’s just a bit risky to put on line how you might have illegal activities.

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@jaxk to propose the offer of reduced payment as “tax free income” is no more illegal than handing some one a gun and telling them they could no go shoot someone if they wanted to.

Accepting the payment and not reporting the cash income would be the only real crime.

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