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how many of you are millionaires?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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depends what currency you are using. $‘s no. Iraq dinar yes.

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I’m a millionaire in non-monetary terms. ;-)

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Yeah, I agree with sfgirl. Me too:)

Deepseas72, are you a milionaire?

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Definitely would be, if there wasn’t such a thing as the Inland Revenue.

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Does in my dreams count?

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Not I :(

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Only on Gaia.

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Not even close amigo… Its not so bad though. I’m usually happy and content. Besides, I make enough to get by modestly. I’m not in need of anything so, no complaints here. ;)

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I am and it feels great I must say.

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A million dollars isn’t as much as it used to be. There’s alot of people who I bet are close, if not there in assets. You start adding houses, cars, retirement plans, etc. You’d be surprised how quickly that can add up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

You prob won’t find that in your average 20-something though.

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jimcrackcorn. You want to marry me? :)

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@justnice lol. I think I am, with my dad. :] he’s a fan of mac.

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I will surely become.

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Almost if you consider my home which is almost paid for.

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I used to be a millionaire when I lived in Greece and they still had drachmas. Then they got the euro…damn…

No, I am living happily on a $500 a month salary (don’t ask me how I do that…I don’t).

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