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What is on your nightstand right now?

Asked by sarahjane90 (1805points) February 23rd, 2011

The question says it all!

On mine, it isn’t too exciting. I have an empty teacup, tissues, a stuffed animal, lighter, water bottle and (mostly academic…) books that I need to get around to reading.

So, what’s on yours?

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On top of it, a fake plant, a lamp and an alarm clock.

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4 books, 3 magazines, a lamp, and a digital clock

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A lamp, a clock, 2 books, and a pair of reading glasses.

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Blender, wok, cuddly toy…..good game, good game. Didn’t they do well :¬)

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A lamp, a phone, a bunch of necklaces & earrings, my workout clothes and a book.

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@ucme That is certainly a random combination!

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My nightstand has a picture of my husband and me, a small etched cranberry glass lamp, a book I’ve been reading all year, a pencil and crossword puzzle book, reading glasses and a bottle of water. I’m glad this question didn’t ask what I keep in the drawers of the nightstand.:D

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Alarm clock, box o’ Kleenex™, lamp, multi-remote.

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Mine has a couple of books, lamp, several coins from a small part of my coin collection and a big mug of water that I put there nightly.

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Lamp, phone, a few books, a box of kleenex, a phone recharger, a small plate with a water bottle on it, a tube of lip balm, and a “sleep machine,” (CPAP).

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tissues and lotion lol jk my nook, receipts I have to throw out, a lamp, a watchbox, change

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Lamp, clock, coconut body lotion, almond body oil, chapstick, two rarely used TV clickers, pencil, package of AA batteries, pen, nailclippers.

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Stack of papers from my daughter’s school, Southern Living slow-cooker cookbook, The Daring Book for Girls, two 5lb hand weights, a lone sock and a highway map of Illinois.

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A set of three glow-in-the-dark sheep.

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Stack of books (Sedaris, The Dark Tower Series, and a Tom Robbins book), a candle, framed picture of my Mom, LED block clock (red), and a money folder.

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lamp, water bottle, clock, 5 old New Yorkers, “The Anthologist”

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A backup alarm clock.

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I have two glass nightstand tables on either side of my bed.
Both have matching lamps that look like Pineapples and both have phones.

Both have pictures propped up in the corners against the wall. One has a green glass bowl that contains a girly happy bedtime toy if so desired, and several cd’s for the cd player on the lower shelf.

The other on the right side of my bed has a book I am reading, an alarm clock, a bottle of Gardenia linen spray, and 3 small glass candles in blue, green and yellow, the colors of my bedroom.
Below this night stand is a wicker basket with magazines.

I love my bedroom, it’s my haven. :-)

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An alarm clock, money, hair accesories, motocross magazine, makeup, glasses, and a water bottle.

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A fan, some earplugs, hand braces I wear when my carpal tunnel syndrome gets bad, a couple of pens, and lots of books. Several collections of werewolf stories, a couple of books on bungalow renovation, Sex at Dawn, Where the Wild Things Were, Hayduke Lives! and others. Also several Games magazines and copies of Portland Monthly.

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2 stubby candles
shoebox full of conte crayons and pastels
gift card to Macys
assorted necklaces
needle & thread
keychain multi-tool
coffee mugs
2 books
tarot cards
candy wrappers

I really need to clean up around here.

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clock I made in high school
two eyeglass cases

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baby laptop, digital clock, box of rocks, earrings, bottle of water, camera cord, earphones

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Bedside lamp, a little rectangular basket (it’s all Anthea Turner’s fault lol I’m all about the baskets) in the basket are remote controls for the tv and dvd player, tissues and my inhalers. That’s it really, oh, and there is also a pack of pedigree chum dentastix for Jade (she likes a night time nibble sometimes and is teething too).

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

A lamp, water bottle, small globe, swiss army knife, Cat’s Cradle by Vonnegut, a few photos, and a coffee cup.

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A lamp,a sketchpad and Mark Twain’s autobiography and a trombone

Coloma's avatar


Is the trombone a self defense weapon? lol

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My watch I took off in the middle of night because I fell asleep with it on. A framed photo of my sister, and one of me from a long long time ago. And a book my dad just sent me.

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I’m thinking @marinelife is winning this one…

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@Coloma Now you have me laughing like a kook! :))
I use it to knock my lovah off the celing fan…

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Hahahaha!!! And, that there, folks, is my favorite quip of the day!

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a big book – (hey I learned how to do a link!!)
The Fiery Cross
a lamp
a pot turtle
2 cherished teddies
and a camping torch

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My nightstand is a trunk that I painted turned up on one end.

Atop it is my flashlight, my Vietnam-era Soviet Air Force officer’s cap, a box with several books in it (The Lore of Arms, The Way of the Sufi, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pocket Muse, and Naked Lunch), my folding knife, and a bunch of pencils and notecards.

Here is a picture.

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I bet all the girls want you to wear that officers hat, do you feign a little Russian accent too when wearing that cap? ;-)

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A glass of water on a coaster, a bottle of lotion (for my hands, you pervs!), a lamp, and a stack of maybe 10 books. Most of the books are about either fungi, language, or social history. (The stack of books isn’t usually quite this high, BTW.)

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What’s a nightstand? Must be a USA specific term I think. Is it the same as a bedside cabinet?

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@Coloma, you’ve got it backwards. I get all the girls to wear the hat instead!.

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@markferg: aka bedside table.

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The actual bedside table. Out of the things on it here, I only have the LED alarm clock and my Mom’s picture on it now.

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@Jude: That is one serious boxspring and mattress. Nice photo of your mom.

@Fiddle-: Nice roses. Where is that?

Update; Milo is sitting on my nightstand at present.

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She’s comfy, Gail. :) Go through the photos, you’ll be able to see video of Frankie and the kitty.

Here is the album.

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The same pink lamp that has been beside my bed for over fifty years ( I rewired it a while ago). Three books, a bottle of water, a small flashlight, hand cream, lip balm, a clock-radio, tissues, a pen and notepad, dust.

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@gailcalled that’s out in front of my dorm last year.

sarahjane90's avatar

@wilma I second the dust! :-)

TexasDude's avatar

@gailcalled, thanks! I do enjoy it there.

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Kleenex, rock lamp, phone, Pepcid AC chewables, water and a teddy bear.
My lady’s bedside table: Teddy bear, lamp, alarm clock, multiple perscription skin creams, water, wristwatch, tiny paper notes (ugh more paper stacks), pen and sometimes mail ..and random little things once in awhile.

The teddy bears are ones we made for eachother at Build-A-Bear Workshop (she made mine with Superman jammies and I made hers with Joe Boxer smiley face jammies :)

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My bedside table is a dresser, my bed is high. I don’t have the time even to list what’s on it. Right now there is also a snoopy kitty.

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A square Japanese lantern lamp from Ikea similar to this, a tall, narrow green glass vase with 3 dried yellow flowers called Billy Balls in it. A small Star Trek-esque looking alarm clock (that plays ambient sounds) an enamel coaster that has the image of a blue eyed kitty’s face on it, a small Japanese bowl for holding earrings and stuff and Amy Tan’s “Saving Fish From Drowning” book with my reading glasses in a vintage 1960’s era gold glasses case.

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Digital radio alarm clock, bedside lamp, two books and a Kindle.

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Metal tray
32oz cup of ice water from last night.
Found crystals from some of our outdoor jaunts.

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What is a nightstand?

@ucme Let’s have a look at those scores on the doors

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My nightstand is an empty box because I just moved into a new house and haven’t grabbed half of my stuff from home yet :P

But I have a few empty cups, a lighter, a picture of my little brother <3 a pair of stuffed animal kitties, and some cold medicine. :)

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@noelleptc You got flowers and a note from a secret admirer? Do you have any idea who it might be?

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Tin of Rosebud Salve, journal and pen, Lego figures my son gave me. A lamp, cell phone, photo of my family. A bowl my daughter sculpted for me with some change inside.

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Stacks and stacks of comics, a a copy of Where Men Win Glory, the Life on Mars DVD collection, and Game Informer Magazine :D

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my glasses
a book about John Paul II
a lamp

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Water bottle, clock, remote for radio,and something kids should never touch.

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@noelleptc….yeah not quite, but it will light things up quicker.

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bottle of bourbon, gun, candle, negotiation book, record player, docking station with 2 iPhone 4s, a wallet, sunglasses, and a flashlight.

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A lamp, an alarm clock, a box of kleenex, and 3 Bibles (KJV, NKJV, and NIV). I am reading one chapter a night from each of them.

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I had to go here it is my nightstand today
Fringey lamp with rosary (can’t shake that Catholic upbringing) Juice glass, Blue Dog picture (yeah, I know he looks red, and white too, but the blue dog is the real one hiding behind the juice glass!) hair clippy, candle, 2 mechanical pencils, reading glasses, and a tortoise shell glass vase with orange silk ranunculouses. (yes, I am sure that is what they’re called!)
underneath lots of books, poetry and an autobiography of A.A.Milne. On the wall, glow in the dark Jesus. Sentimental. It belonged to my grandfather.

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The Absolute Sandman Volume II, two emery boards, a glass of water, a moleskine, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (my valentine’s day present), a stack of papers from various English courses, a bottle of glasses cleaning solution, a box of cheques, a pokewalker, the slipcover to The Complete Works of A.A. Milne, an open envelope, Rayban Wayfarers, a three-inch stack of vocabulary cards from AP English Language (yes—I kept them), a stack of tutor evaluation forms, and a box of waterproof bandages.

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Lol @Earthgirl ..I thought the picture was from the tv show Southpark.

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A pack of birth control with only the placebos in it, a used Placker (ew!), chap stick, nail clippers, a wrist physical therapy thing, a headband, a roll of TP (no kleenex), a stack of CDs, and my current read, Cat’s Cradle.

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muppetish That’s so funny that you have the complete works of A.A.Milne and I have his autobiography. What were the odds,lol? I was curious where A.A.Milne got his great sense of humor and gentleness from. Seems they were both due to his father. He absolutely adored his father. If you like Pooh you should read this
PluckyDog South! Blue Dog is the best!!! Check this out

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Moore’s V for Vendetta
Palahniuk’s Fight Club
2 CDs (Arghoslent’s Hornets of the Pogrom and Shining’s V-Halmstad)
An Arizona Southern Style sweet tea bottle

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A lamp, an alarm clock, Sybil, a little wooden pig with 3 legs, some necklaces, chapstick, and a coaster.

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@carolineenilorac21: welcome to Fluther!

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