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What is your favorite made up word?

Asked by cityshark (100points) April 15th, 2008

What is the craziest, most awesome made up word you can think up. I will award the winner. It must be made up.

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ziked—- i was trying to find a domain name. Someone here suggested zived. I didnt like how it sounded. So i came up with ziked. Its short, unique and comes off really nicely on google search results

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Fuckumentary, also known as porn.

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Eichan; pronounced: E-CHAWN.
Noun or adj.
A person or group of persons who carry the bad mood disorder into a place.

Example-Man that group of eichans over there are hazing the bar.

Man, that guy over there has eichan written all over him.

Shizza, I am feeling a little eichan right about now.

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My daughters say goondodge. Dunno what it means.

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boondoggle. the real word is gimp, so dont say that boondoggle isnt made up.

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Its the name of that pocket on hoodies.

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haha… random… kinda catchy though… and fun to say :D

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Thanks buster!

It’s not really a word, but sometimes I tell people my name is Jerbis Bodank!

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Beakus (Bea-kess)- [noun] Someone, namely a chum, that’s always got their beak up in yo’ business.

Hey beakus, get away from that sock under my bed, that’s private

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Muckify [verb] – Muck·if·y – \ˈmək-ə-ˌfī\

When you keep mixing paints and they turn a mucky poo-brown.

“Keep the yellow out of the purple or you’ll muckify the whole pallet ya beakus!”

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quantumbitchumboobalator. its the name of a skate video

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This is more of a phrase, but I like to use ‘cable-guy’ as a verb, meaning, to repeatedly call someone to the point of stalker status, per the movie Cable Guy.

As in: “Man, that video store girl is loco, she totally cable-guyed me. When I got home there was seven messages left in one hour.!”

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i like using words meant for something else, not made up but a new meaning like, “thats tits” we use that one around here often.

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This was in a book or stand-up routine years ago about momisms, but it’s still my favorite…pomomade. It’s a combination of pomade (hair ointment) and mom. It’s when your hair is sticking up, and your mom licks her hand and then uses it to swipe your hair into place.

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im with ppcakes “thats tits” is well tits. Im also a big fan of fucktarded.

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im pretty partial to pedophilerific too

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Why don’t you two chortlers quiet down.

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whats a chortler? hahaha

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chortle: chuckle

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Really, I had no idea. I just like saying it.

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ohh, i could have looked it up. sorry. i thought about it. poor execution though!

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i like my word..
it means a random person..

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Funkylicious – a groove or song that is both funky and musically delicious!

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It’s a word my college buddies and I made up to describe the feeling you get when you’re embarrassed on someone else’s behalf.

Like if you watch someone else get de-pantsed, you would probably feel photrom. The fun of a movie like American Pie is all in the photrom.

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Gonna go old skool and pull out: tha bunk (or just bunk);

“Yo, them parachute pants is like tha bunk, so not Kool & the Gang!”

That was back in the 80s L.A. B-boy scene, in a former life…preceding “crack is wack”

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Capstablet: A drug addict.

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Fantasamajastic – something so extraordinarily fantastic

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another one i like is..
sicknasty and pando
theyre made up by this amazing artist

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SICKNASTYYY, always been a big hit with me!

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haah thats so nice..
you know who joey page is?

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i suppose the one who made up sicknasty, but no.

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omg you should so check him out tho.
he did not make up the word sicknasty i suppose but hes the one that got me into it.
and pando is his invention of word

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@Allie: chanky? I’ve heard of and use the word janky; you can see the definition here

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sndfreQ: “chanky” is like “dirty/disgusting/gross” and “janky” is something that is poor quality or not very well made. I included all the links… check out the first entry for “chanky” =]

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Crappity Smack!

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Isn’t every word made up?

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I used to use “confuzzle/d” instead of “confuse/d”

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shmit. its not really a made up word, i mean it sounds like a last name or something. its what i always say instead of shit, not because i dont sware because i do, but just because i think it sounds funnier. you can even combine words and call someone a shmithead

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poppycock (BS); boocou (many); hook (bowel movement)

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@stratman: *beaucoup (it’s French)...

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thanx, I KNEW it was miss-spelled!

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I still think strategery was a good one. At least George is creative.

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One of my favorites is infuckingcredible. There are also those odd misspellings that need definitions like :Thart, Bofre, and ocurse.

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Alabyrinthing, a better form of amazing.

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins

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Assplosion: The action of haveing to go number two so bad when you finally go it causes and explosion like sound.

“Jeff had to use the bathroom so bad, as soon as he sat on the comode it caused an assplosion”

“Mindy was at the bar looking mighty fine but she laughed a little too hard and assploded”

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