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What are some cute quotes?

Asked by littlekori (676points) February 23rd, 2011

What are some cute quotes for a boyfriend?(: Preferable nothing that says that you love them, cause we are barely dating!(:
Anything really, would be appreciated(:

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Not sure I understand the question. Quotes from who and where and what? Are you trying to write him a romantic card (without using the L word?) Or are you trying to say funny things to him in person, like from movies, to make him laugh?

I’ve got some great funny lines from movies, but mostly they have nothing to do with love or romance, they’re just funny. So let us know more specifically what you are looking for.

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haha. I know I worded the question very bad. Um like just cute little sayings. Doesn’t have to be by anyone or anything. And I am going to put some on a posterboard to give to him. So they don’t need to be romantic, just cute even cheesy quotes about relationships or something like that. And we are both dorks, so anything funny along the same lines would work too.

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Do a Katherine Scarlett O’Hara, and when you say goodnight for the evening, say along the lines of “I’ll see you tomorrow. Afterall, tomorrow is another day.”

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Happiness is a warm puppy

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“Beware of dragons, for you are crunchy
and taste good with ketchup!”

A day without laughter is a day wasted”
Charlie Chaplin

“Start every day with a laugh… get it over with”

some funny sports quotes here, and lots of links to funny quotes here enjoy :-)

@janbb LOVE your quote GA :-) <goes off to hug baby Jade>

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“You know how to whistle don’t you Steve? Just put your lips together and blow.” from the movie To Have and Have Not, uttered by Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart.

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Within you, I lose myself. Without you, I feel myself wanting to be lost again.

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