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Where will your money be placed when it comes to tablets?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) February 24th, 2011 from iPhone

We now have the motorola xoom, iPad 2 will be coming out soon, and so will HP’s Touchpad. Which company are you rooting for? Looking to buy one of them? What features are you looking for?

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Not a betting man when it comes to technologies. I have seen too many come and go and sadly it does not always have to do with features or bells and whistles.
Marketing and ergonomics can out distance technology (just look at Microsoft).

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I’m not a gadget guy. I’m not a “stuff” guy. My home is very sparsely decorated, and I have very little junk. I’m not a big believer in gadgets. Just give me a mobile phone, a TV, and a computer, and I’m happy.

But I received an iPad last year as a gift, and I think it’s the awesomest invention ever :) It’s nearly perfect! So I’ll be rooting for the iPad2, because Apple has done such an awesome job creating what I think is an amazingly fun and useful device.

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I’ve heard the Xoom is amazing, but we’ll have to see what the iPad 2 has in store for us when it is unveiled this Wednesday.

I don’t currently own a tablet, but would like to at some point. Maybe when they come down in price more I will get one.

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If I were to put money on it, it’d be the iPad. No other maker can touch the quality of the device and the low price point, and they will sell like hotcakes.

but I’d really like for a strong Android tablet to come out. The market needs solid competition, and even as an iPhone/Mac user I’m getting increasingly uncomfortable with Apple’s really greedy policies on demanding 30% of everything.

The Xoom is ridiculously expensive, and seems to force you to buy wireless service just to even enable wifi on it, and WebOS has a long hill to climb before claiming a decent amount of mindshare.

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I lean towards “Big Chief” tablets. They have that cool cover with the Indian on them and are pretty easy to write on.

But seriously folks, I’ll consider the purchase of a tablet when purchasing one does not imply that I must also lay down some absurd monthly fee for 3G/4G…XXXG connectivity, without which the tablet is pretty darned worthless.

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I’m with @YoBob on this one. My husband is a “geek” we have everything you can think of…but no tablet. We see no need for another monthly fee.

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The LG G Slate for me.

I think tablets are here to stay. Everything is moving to the cloud.. there is a cloud service for just about anything now, no need to have a bulky desktop or laptop to load apps on / carry data around when everyone is online.

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They are all lovely. I would buy any commercial tablet. Almost 100% sugar. yum.

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Not a gadget girl here either. I love my laptop, DVD player but, I don’t even carry a cell phone.
No point really, no reception in my canyon/mountain/river zone and I like being off the grid, so to speak.
Want to talk to me? Wait til I get home! haha

What can I say, bohemian rhapsody. ;-)

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I have an iPad. I purchased it because I have access to all ereader sites. All of the other features such as access to the web and other apps are great extras. I purchased it primarily for access to all of the ereaders. I was sick of lugging all of my libraries with me! ;0)

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i has Kindle. No monthly fee & no books to haul

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I have an iPad, and I’m looking forward to the iPad two when Apple announces it. I love my iPad, and it has soo many more uses than I could’ve imagined. :) Although having said all that, I’m looking forward to seeing how the HP webOS and the TouchPad work out, as I’ve always been a fan of webOS. It’ll be good to see what those palm people can do with actual hardware and financial backing.

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