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How do I deal with an angry dog?

Asked by ipodrulz (76points) April 15th, 2008

I have a 5 year old dog that is un-nudered (balls intact). Lately he’s been really grouchy, and actually biting and growling at us. We can’t even walk close to him without us being threatened. Apart from sending him away or putting him down, is there anything we can do?

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Thanks for clearing up “un-nudered”.

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He may be sick or in pain. Talk to your vet.

If it’s behavior/temperament, then your going to have to work with a dog trainer to retrain your dog and reassert dominance over him. Have your dog (and you and others in the household) to see if that’s feasible. Dog training is 70% people training.

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You could check out this website for the show Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel. The trainer, Cesar Milan, has treated dogs like yours successfully. He has also established a Dog Psychology Center. I have a naughty weimaraner and have found his program very helpful.

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One, neuter him. By this time, most behavioral characteristics are established, but it may cut down on territorial behavior. The doctor will do a through exam at this time.

Two, sign up for obedience training immediately. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation (don’t just go to Petsmart). Be proactive, consistent, thorough.

Three, talk to a veterinary behaviorist.

This situation is likely to continue to escalate. You didn’t mention how large your dog is or if there are children in the household, but the situation could certainly become dangerous.

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I agree with syz. If you have young children in the household, you may want to consider getting the dog away from them. He is giving you warning signals, and you don’t want to take any risks where children are involved. Good luck..

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He’s a small poodle mix bichon. I’m the youngest in the house (15). I actually just came back from walking him, and after walking him outdoors we usually use a wet cloth to wipe off his feet, today he decided to bite me in the process. You think letting him have sex could release some of the tension?

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No. Have him neutered and try the other tips syz and the other suggested. Having sex will not change his attitude. If anything, it could make it worse.

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Even at 5 years of age he can be neutered?

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