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When will be the next period?

Asked by mizzy2011 (4points) February 25th, 2011

I’ve been using Diane 35 for almost 8 years. This January 2011, I bought a box of my Diane but my boyfriend suddenly proposed and he wants us to get married and have a baby right away. I stopped taking Diane immediately, I was only able to consume 10 tabs (10days). I have a regular period ever since, 28 days cycle. I’m 2 days delayed now, i bought a pregnancy kit but I was negative. Is this because I did not finish my Diane? When will I have my next period?

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You probably should ask your doctor this question.

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It’ll take a few months for your cycle to become “regular” again after going off The Pills regulation. You also might not have as regular a cycle now – 2 days might not be anything. When I’m not on The Pill, mine are totally random – one will be 23 days later, the next 34 days later. You’ll have your next period between 25 and 35 days from your last one.

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Everyone here is quite right. And, if you really want to get pregnant right away, check when you are ovulating with one of those kits. Your hormones may not kick in and ovulation may not start the first month off the pill, but with one of those kits, you should have a better chance at conceiving. Congratulations. And RELAX…. the more you stress about these things…. you know the rest.

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I can take several months to get pregnant after being on birth control for 8 years.

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