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How do you win at Rochambeau?

Asked by peedub (8703points) April 15th, 2008

What is your strategy or theory on how to win at rock-paper-scissors?

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rochambeau!!? Is that the correct name for “paper rock scissors?” peedub, I learn something new from you everyday on here!’ haha.
how to win… I always delayed my hand movements by a little bit so I can kinda cheat and figure out what their answer could be.

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you know…. The dummy Russian in me I still don’t know how to properly play the game! How DO u play the game? Its a dare or a bet right?

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@TheHaight- Did you know there are matches? You can get fouled for that! [I love it]

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Oh my god are you serious!!? Actual matches for “paper, rock, scissors?”. I was thinking what I’d do when I was little, playing with my sister or something. I feel like a dummy.

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@Alina- Here you go.

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Oo peedub let me check it out

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oh goodness I must read it thoroughly tomorrow. My brain doesn’t wanna think right now LOL

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There’s even a World Championship now.

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@Alina- click on the audio part (on the right)

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wow you learn something new every day. didn’t know that would be the official name… i related roshambo to that episode of south park.

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@TheHaight- I think the best games, books, songs are the ones that the youngest, oldest and everyone in between can enjoy.

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i agree! I’ve heard of a lot of stuff like that, just not rochambeau.

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Go for the one that’ll beat the one that’ll beat the one you last did…...make sense? Example:
round 1: Rock
round 2: Scissor
round 3: Paper

There’s no great strategic or science behind this, just the assumption that your opponent is likely to take the option that’ll beat your last option – so you stay 1 step ahead.

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im surprised no one made a southpark reference yet

Lets play rochambeau ill go first <kicks peedub in the nuts and runs off>

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actually someone did. Scubydooooo :)

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Did you know there are gambits and strategy for RPS, as if it were chess? My favorite gambits:

The Avalanche: 3 Rock in a row
The Bureaucrat: 3 Paper in a row
Paper Dolls: Paper, Scissors, Scissors
The Denouement: Rock, Scissors, Paper

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Cool! I’m using The Denouement without even knowing it!!

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thanks haight

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I rock at rsb. Whenever my girlfried and I can’t agree, I’ll say “let’s rochambeau for it!” and she’ll say “no way, you always win!”

I find I’m very scissor-centric. That’s all I can really put my finger on.

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oooh, you’re a cutter, eh.

Gotta wrap that rock and crush those scissors!

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I just randomly flail my hands into whatever distorted position I can make and shout “RO SHAM GOD!” And by the time I walk away they will have realized that it makes no sense whatever and I will have taken and won anything there was to have over the hypothetical children’s play.

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