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Does anyone else find Samantha from CityVille really annoying?

Asked by markferg (1877points) February 28th, 2011

With her sharp business suit, friendly pigeon, sunny smile and happy wink. She makes me want to puke! Other than that, she’s a fine person except that she’s only a cartoon.

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Lol……..What’s Cityville?

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FarmVille for city people. Ok, so you ask what is ‘FarmVille’? And you think you know what the internet is. You fool. Get a (sad) life!

Like me. Oooh, all these kittens are so lovely…

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@markferg lol….You’re annoyed by a cartoon character on a Facebook game…. and you call me a fool for not knowing what it is? as I don’t use Facebook

How funny is that….

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…extremely funny! I’m lol ing all day now.

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(I’m annoyed by this poster, already).

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I’m annoyed by people that express their annoyance in public. I’m an annoysibater. Help me stop before I go b;omf. yoo lsyr!

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No way. She’s cute, I like it when the little bird comes and sits on her elbow while she’s on the billboard. ;)

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