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Anyone ever get a date off of Fluther?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) April 16th, 2008

This question was asked in the discussion on the are you single/dating/married question, and I wanted to post it!

I’m so curious if people have met through Fluther! Or if you’ve met someone in person who you connected with on Fluther I’d like to hear about that too.

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No, because:
– I’m not dating, so romantic encounters are not an option.
– I’m geographically challenged from most users on here.
– Only been coming here for a short time and I think it would take a good while to get to know people on here well enough to consider meeting up.

Besides, since we’re bombarding each other with Q’s on here, what would there really be left to talk about?

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well, it would be cool to just chat up, i mean, im way too far away for dating etc. but getting into contact with other people is always cool, maybe i’ll just put my msn & yahoo on my profile :)

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Nope, but I do have Fluther crushes on a few members

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@ jz…
That’s so cute!

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I just get hate mail.

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@jz: likewise.

@hairypalm: Really? But, most of your comments are removed by fluther moderators. How do people still manage to find remarks warranting hate mail? </sarcasm>

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I like to keep my internet friends where they belong… on the internet.

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well, i sometimes go to meetings from this guitar forum i hang around, i must say that sometimes meeting internet friends is pretty ok, but then again, it’s 50 people at once in a guitar store instead of one flutherer in a downtown coffeeshop

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Or one flutherer rolling up another flutherer’s body in a carpet and dumping it in the river… I realize that the same thing could happen to someone you met in real life the “normal” way, but there’s something creepy about the internet. I think all those child molesters in chat rooms have kept me pretty guarded about trusting people you’ve never met in person.

Not that I’m worried so much about being molested, especially not being a child, but more the idea that people can be very deceptive about who they claim to be when you can’t physically interact with them, gauge the nuances of their body-language and tone of voice, verify their appearance matches who they say they are etc. I guess there’s safety in numbers though, unless it’s a child molester web community that is :P.

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Actually I am on a date right now with Gooch. We are sharing a nice bottle of wine and talking about all of you Flutherites. We are having a great time!

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Ya, I would hate to he molested by a large ape.

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I would never molest you cornman! You’re just not my type.

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i wonder if he’d be ok to be molested by a latino tranny midget…well comman?

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… he’ll be back in a bit ;)

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…omg, i should report this to the local authorities…right?

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