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Would you let your fluther set you up on a blind date?

Asked by phoenyx (7374points) March 19th, 2009

Suppose there were some mechanism that allowed your fluther to collectively choose someone for you that you knew nothing about. Would you go? Do you think they’d do a better job than a dating service? Do you think they’d do a better job than you do for yourself? Would it cross social boundaries?

P.S. I am happily married and I’m not looking for a date. Note: “your fluther” is a subset you’ve picked for yourself of all of fluther.

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No. Fluther always suggests religion questions for me, and that’s far from what I would like to/am able to answer. They don’t know me at all, apparently. lol

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If I were single, sure. Why not? It would be interesting to see what my fellow jellies think I’d be into based on things I’ve written on here. If it sucks, no big deal.

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only in chuck woolery is somehow involved.

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I wouldn’t let the site do it, but a select group of people on here I’d be cool with.
It’d be interesting to see how it turns out at the very least.

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I’m married too, but on the off chance that this happens (in some alternate universe), then I better start managing my fluther better…

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@shilolo that was my exact thoughts “yes i’d let them, but only if I manage my fluther a little better”. Haha. On that note…there are certain people in my fluther that I would love to let pick me a blind date just because I think that even if the date wasn’t my ideal date, I bet those people would pick someone hilarious/interesting.

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I think it’s better than some other dating services because you it seems like you can really get to know people on here. But it’s still the internet. So I don’t think so. And besides, I’m still young, I’m not resorting to internet dating yet!

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If I were single, I’d let my Jellies set me up on a blind date for sure!

Though they might pick out a 15 year old boy…

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If the blind date is with a jelly, then probably. I’d let some flutherers take me out fo sho. As long as my wifey, @asmonet, is alright with that. Can’t be steppin’ out on her too much. I would also take confidence in the fact that the people I interact with most on fluther know my preferences (for a lot of things) pretty well, and I would trust that they would have my best interests in mind. I’d give it a try at least once.

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I would let certain people on Fluther who I speak to as much, if not more, than people IRL to choose a date for me. Do I think they would choose the ideal guy? No way. I think they would have way too much fun with it, and in the end choose someone they would like to hang out with in the chat room, if it ever came to that. Would I go? Yep, only because I would be immensely curious to know who they chose. I do think it would be better than dating sites just because it is the difference between letting friends choose someone for you or letting strangers.

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@TitsMcGhee ooh a blind date with a Jelly. I didn’t even think of that! Now that I could be sold on (provided the other Jellies picking have sense not to put people that clash online in a room together!

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@adreamofautumn: I could only think of one or two jellies who I would absolutely refuse to go out with (ignoring the fact that I’m straight and a lot of jellies are women). Maybe I’d give the girl thing a whirl if she was a jelly, who knows.

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I would have so much fun picking a date for PnL.

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Absolutely, if I was in the market. I think you old timers know more about some Jellies than you do other folks in real life. A late night coffee date at a Starbux in your city would be fun. Heck, you know the person is literate and you’ve already gotten past many of the deal breakers: God /No God; abortion pro/ con; Liberal/conservative; etc. I say Go for it! .

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I don’t know much about fluther. I don’t really get what a fluther is. Do these people know you? How do they know you? Or, more important, how well do they know you?

I was married once, but that was on another planet in another time. I pretty much stick to myself these days. So I wouldn’t really want the help of a fluther (is it just me, or do other people think of “flubber” when they hear fluther? It’s as if some green goo is choosing your dates. Yerth!)

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@rancid Stick around for a while and you’ll realize just how tight of a community Fluther is. I know some of these people better than I know people in real life and quite a few have become really good friends. Welcome and happy Fluthering!

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@rancid Your ‘fluther’ is anyone whose questions and answers you enjoy, and decide to add to your fluther. If you’d like to add someone, just click on their name or avatar to go to their profile. After a while, you’ll have a group of like-minded people… people you might trust to set you up on a blind date. : )

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No. I’m married (but I met him as a blind date).

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If I was single, I might entertain this idea. Even if nothing came of it, it would be entertaining to see how good or bad Fluther does as a dating service.

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this is a hypothetical question I assume, right? I didn’t realise there were such options.

Anyway, I’ve always said that the internet is a good place to meet people, and I don’t see any problem with it. Of course I’d let fluther (or any other site) suggest possible dates, but I’d still have to meet them in person and see if there was anything there.

The only major problem with hooking up through the internet is distance. Since people come from all over the world, I might be paired with a wonderful Spanish girl (several thousand miles away from my current location). Or even for people in the same country, you may be a New Yorker and end up with a Texan or even Californean.

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@Darwin wow, I met my wife as a blind date, and that was almost thirty years ago. Funny how these things work out.

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Pretty much what PnL said. I think those the frequent chat often could probably pick out someone interesting for me.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – Yeah, it’s been twenty years for us (21 since the actual date). However, he was about the sixth blind date my friend had set me up on (the other five were totally hopeless) so it was about time something worked. She had to trick me into going out with him, and we argued the whole time.

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I’d pick Mary-Louise Parker for Uber and Matt Damon for PnL.

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hell yea allie! i like the way you think :)

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Hahaha, it would be someone on a show called Weeds. I am jealous of both dates.

I’d tap that.

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@asmonet: I’d tap YOU.

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Oh my!


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hm. not sure about the technical aspects – i’d rather jellies set me up than the ‘questions for you’ sort of thing – i do usually like the ‘questions for you’ but sometimes it’s a bit off. but hey, i come here for everything else, so why not?

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as in the jellies i’ve picked in my fluther? hells yeah :P

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i want to change my answer to yes. i thought it meant would i allow fluther to, not my specific fluther. i think they would pick a good match for me. my husband might not like it though.

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Sure, I would. As a matter of fact, logging onto fluther on any given night is a lot like a blind date, only better.

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