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Root beer float, ice cream sundae, or cake ala mode which makes the better party dish?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 1st, 2011

If you wanted to have a light but nice party dish what would do the trick better out of root beer floats, ice cream sundaes, or cake ala mode? Would your choice reflect the ages of the party participants, or not?

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If you want it to be “light but nice” as you say, than I would have to go with the cake. Although root beer floats are so much better (in my humble opinion), I certainly would hesitate to describe them as “light”.

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Cake….what time should I be there? :)

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Not all people like root beer, so that’s out. Ice cream sundaes require different flavorings for different peoples taste, so that’s out.

What’s left? Good ol’ cake with vanilla ice cream. If the people do not like cake, then let them have ice cream or vice versa.

Case solved.

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It definitely depends on the age of the participants. If the party is for younger kids I’d go with the cake. Can you imagine a dozen sugared up eight year olds running around your home with open containers full of ice cream and root beer!!!

Ice cream sundaes are great, but once again your guest need to be old enough to eat a bowl of ice cream and toppings without dumping it on the carpet.

Root Beer floats are for a yet more advanced crowd.

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The cake. But what is best but not listed is a make your own S’more table. That is the best dessert and so much fun to make especially in a group or family.

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Root beer floats!

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Cake for me. But it is totally up to you. Some people don’t care for root beer though.

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Root beer is one of those things that you either love or hate. I hate it. So the ice cream sundaes would be good if you let the participants choose their own toppings (fudge, caramel, strawberry and nuts or no nuts). Ice cream and cake sounds like the “lightest” dessert and usually no one has any problem with white or yellow cake and plain old vanilla ice cream.

I’d choose the cake and ice cream, over the other 2 options.

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Cake & Ice Cream (Vanilla or Chocolate, cus I love chocolate.) Mmmmm… :}

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I agree that cake and ice cream seem to be the most versatile. Personally, I could go for all three. :) I’ve had sundae parties before and honestly, they take quite a bit of work (with having all the things set out so that people can make their own sundaes) and can get a bit expensive depending on how much stuff you buy for them.

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