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Is anyone else sick of hearing those Hydroxotone commericals?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) March 3rd, 2011

These commercials are on cable, no matter which channel I switch to. These commercials are on FM radio over and over again. They stated they have sold one million jars of that “stuff” and want to celebrate by giving free samples away. What is the meaning behind this? They sold one millions jars, that’s good. But, someone please tell me why they are using all their profits, from selling one million jars, to run all these commercials and to give their product away? And, last but not least, their ads state this offer will be ended any day. That was six months ago. I say, go away Hydroxotone and give your gift bags to all the Hollywood celebrities, you missed last year. Any comments?

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Listen to NPR. They don’t advertise there. Seriously. And the music is better.

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Apparently, it’s a scam. I don’t see how the FCC or FTC aren’t all over this like a rash.

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Well, I like that better than having to hear about Smiling Bob all the time. But, relax, the political campaign season will be starting soon, and we’ll all hear about how one candidate claims that the other is a commie-nazi crack smoking alcoholic Crimson Tide fan who wants to take money from your grandchildren and give it to billionaires who could really use that five bucks in his piggybank so they could use it to invest in companies that specialize in defunding educational programs for our youth. By December of 2012, you’ll be glad to hear all about Hydroxotone. ;-)

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They all want to do that, @12Oaks.

I’m tired of people pissing and moaning about things that don’t matter worth a damn.

No, I hadn’t noticed.

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WasCy. This station in my city plays this commercial between every three songs they play. It ruins their music. I am stuck with it, since its the only station in town that plays the classic hits, my music.

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I see the same commercials on TV all the time. They are definitely annoying and I always laugh when it says something like “call now to receive blah blah blah but hurry, this offer expires in one hour” yet they play it multiple times, day after day, for months…. Didn’t that offer expire a long time ago? ACK!

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Willworkforchocolate. Thanks. I am glad I am not alone. I would not buy Hydroxotone for any reason, simply because their commercials ruin the good sound of my classic hits music. I switch stations for a minute or two and then switch back.

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