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Why did they change Jake from State Farm?

Asked by AshlynM (10678points) May 29th, 2020


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Turns out, he was actually having an affair with that guy, as his wife suspected.

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Change him how? There are more than one Jake.

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@stanleybmanly Yeah, that’s true. Apparently every State Farm male agent is named Jake.

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So many commercials now are “kinder and gentler,” I think to go with these trying times we’re in.

I kind of like it.

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The original Jake was a real agent. When the advertising company wanted to expand the role, they got an actual actor.

The rumors that the original Jake was murdered are false.

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State Farm claimed that Jake was to be an ongoing promotion with new Jakes being brought forth ever so often. After the original Jake was declared dead by internet folklore, I guess they decided that it was time. It seems like I remember some form of uproar over the original commercial with customer being accused by his wife of having an affair with Jake. I don’t remember the exact problem. It seems that it was so far off base that I didn’t pay close attention. I hadn’t seen the new Jake yet, so I headed to youtube. Some people seem outraged that they changed him, others didn’t care. Personally, I don’t care. State farm is probably trying to keep their commercials fresh & switching up the spokesperson usually does the trick.

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Jake eloped with the GEICO gecko.

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^^ Oooh, interspecies nookie.

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So we would be talking about State Farm Insurance.

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