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Does anyone have a song that means something special to them?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 5th, 2011

If you’re like me, you can relate to many songs. Everyone has a song that they have listened to and it means something to them! Let me hear about them!

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Subdivisions by Rush is basically my life

Future Brain by Den Harrow is an obscure Italian song from 20 years ago, but I sometimes feel like the lyrics are describing how I feel about my generation

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Slipknot – Vermillion 1&2

“She isn’t real… I can’t make her real…”

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The Passing of the Blue Crown. I feel deeply connected to this song, although it has no words. Here’s the link if you wanna give it a listen:

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@Prosb That song is absolutely gorgeous! It’s so intense!

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This song is a long-time favorite of mine that means a lot: ‘Someone To Watch Over Me.’

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I was listening to Sugar Kane”: by Sonic Youth when i was 16 in my friend Mirandas car when she was taking he home after a teenage night of hanging out on a weekend night. I realized in that car during that song I love her and she was my best friend. We later lost our virginity to each other. Our dumb naive teenager asses ended up with me running off for most of my twenties missing her while she married an asshole that she hs now divorced. Im 29 and she is 30 and we recently got back together and plan to marry. We still love Sonic Youth and they are special to us and I can’t believe I got a second chance to be with my best friend.

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aww @buster ,,, that’s SO sweet.
I’m happy for you both and wish you well for the future.

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hmm, a song that means a lot to me is ‘Broken Strings’ by James Morrison.

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Prosb Great song. I loved it.
This is mine Dust in the Wind
It has a special meaning for me because when I was 19 I had cancer and this song hit me very hard. I survived but I need and want to always remember how precious life is.

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@Earthgirl I had leukemia as a young girl and what you said was quite touching.

I have so many songs. Half Of Something Else by The Airborne Toxic Event was one that always moved me to tears. Also, To Hell With the World by David Ford.

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For years, I would listen to Ceremony by New Order when I was depressed. Usually if I’m feeling depressed, I don’t like to listen to anything too happy, but this always brought me a step closer to feeling calm.

Also, the theme song of Cheers. Way back when, my partner and I realized we didn’t have a song like some couples do. We were watching a lot of Nick at Nite at the time, so that’s what we picked.

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@hobbitsubculture When I am depressed, I listen to Swim by Jacks Mannequin.

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“Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers. I dedicated this song to my parents at the wedding reception of my first marriage. The lyrics described their relationship perfectly and it was a memorable event for all my family and relatives at the reception when my parents danced to it.

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Cool Change reminds me of carefree childhood summers.

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How long will I love you by The Waterboys argh I dont know how to.set up a link.on my phone and I am in hospital with no access to a proper computer! Google them! We danced to it for our first dance when we got married the words are fabulous xxx

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@sakura I actually love that song! I hope your surgery went well, by the way :)

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Its my fab song the lyrics are fab :) operation went well recovering on ward now thanks xxx

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Sonny Knight

Ask no more questions.

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“Monster” by Steppenwolf

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“Gravity” by Pixie Lott

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