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May I ask your opinions on wardrobe selection for interview?

Asked by Coloma (47110points) March 5th, 2011

I am interviewing tomorrow afternoon with a local high end B&B near my home and am having trouble choosing an appropriate outfit. I am applying to assist with all facets of the business from the casual end such as cooking/housekeeping to customer service related duties, entertainment, wine hostessing/pouring,special events services, for the upcoming season.

While I wish to show my casual, ‘down to earth side’, I am leaning towards a presentation based more on my classy/elegant/hostessing/and social coordinating skills.

Would you show up in jeans and nice top ready to harvest herbs from the garden or…would you showcase your elegant professional side?

I feel it might be best to go ‘casual classy’ skirt, boots, nice jacket, jewelry, than downgrade mode.
Dressing ‘down’ is easy, but I want them to also see the ‘big’ picture and be able to get a feel for how I’ll fit into the more formal situations.

What’s your opinion?

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Anybody can dress ‘down’. Once you tell them about the geese and the other animals, then they’ll know for sure that you can dress ‘down’ below just about anybody, I’d imagine.

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Heh! You might have a point there. Funny.

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I definitely would go for the elegant hostess side of things.

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Very much agreed… Like @WasCy mentioned, you can let them know you can get your hands dirty in the interview, but you should convey that you are purely professional in your attire. It also may be worth it to inquire what attire they would prefer you to wear while on duty.

Good luck tomorrow!!! :)

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Go for the classy elegant presentation.You’ll look great! :)

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Definitely classy and elegant. Dress up to the highest level you can.

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Skirt with boots and blazer sounds perfect to me!!! Then to dress THAT down, carry a really casual purse like one of those big ones. I don’t own one but I know it would look right.
If you feel too casual when you pull up into the parking lot, have some big gold jewelry in your purse and whip those on. lol If you have enough hair, pull it back into a bun or something and put on some small earrings.

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The majority rules!
Dress up it is!
Yes, thanks everyone, I am excited!
Here’s a peek at the locale which is literally 3 minutes from my house!
Plan your vacations now! ;-)

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My grandfather and father were from St Helena. You are living in paradise I think. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard about the area. My ggrandmother died in Santa Cruz. Never met her. It’s a beautiful B&B, Coloma.

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@Coloma -It looks beautiful! Good luck :)

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Show your professional side for sure. We can all be casual, but can you look sophisticated in a professional way. That’s what I would want to know. Some people’s ideas of dressing up leaves them looking tarty. Show you can look classy and professional.

Oh and good luck!!!! Let us know how you go.

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Good luck! I LOVE BED AND BREAKFASTS. When I open one up perhaps you can show me the ropes, lol :)

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I see you have already decided. Good choice and good luck!

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The interview went very well and I am certain I will be hired!
They liked my presentation and personality and think I would be perfect as hostess along with some data entry and other various duties.
Turns out they are expanding into a day spa as well…endless opportunities to pamper the patrons. lol
I’ll know for sure within the week. :-D

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It’s absolutely beautiful there. Hope you get the job :-)

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