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Vomiting, Stomach Pains, ER?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) March 6th, 2011

For the past week now I’ve been having horrible stomach pains and diarrhea. For two of those days I’ve actually thrown up and the rest just have been horribly nauseated. Ive been getting a few fevers too.

I’ve gone to an urgent care but they didn’t do much just told me it was a virus and it’ll go away, that was about a week or so ago.

Nothing has changed and the diarrhea and stomach painhave just gotten worse.

I would go to my regular ER but to be honest I don’t like how they treat me when I go there, I want to go to this other ER but its about a 40 minute ride but I think that its a much better choice.

What should I do?

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A week seems like a long time, and if you are feeling worse, I’d go. Better safe than sorry. If you prefer the care at the other ER and don’t mind the extra drive, then I’d go there. I think feeling comfortable with the hospital that is giving you care is important. Aside from the fact that it is a Sunday and you might not want to wait until tomorrow to see your GP, is there anything else that leads you think this might be an emergency? If you have other concerns, you might want to skip and go to the ER that is closer.

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I had to go back and look, and I thought that I remembered you asking a question about stomach trouble before.. and you did. Did you never get that resolved?

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Go go go. These were my symptoms and I have just had my appendix out! Get yourself booked in for an ultra sound asap!

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@JmacOroni – Yes I have before, no they never figured out the problem and that’s pretty much the reason why I don’t want to go to my regular hospital.

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Well if this has been an ongoing issue, then you should try the other hospital, and make sure to mention that this has been a long term problem for you.
Have there been changes in medication since the last time you felt ill? Have you had your pro time checked recently?

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@JmacOroni The last time I checked my pro time it was in range and I haven’t had any anal bleeding and what not. Its been kind of like a mucus water kind of stool. I just feel weaker then normal.

The hard part is having someone take me all the way to this hospital

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I would go to your regular doctor in the morning. If you need to be admitted your doctor can fast track you in.

In the ER you will be the lowest priority and will likey sit in the waiting room for hours. Be sure you are getting enough electrolytes. (Drink the sports Gatoraid)

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@Dog I don’t have a regular doctor, I would love to just have one though.

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@xStarlightx are you still taking the coumadin?

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@JmacOroni Yes I am, I have to be on it for like the rest of forever.

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I assumed as much, but I wanted to be sure that’s what you were taking, I thought I saw that in the other thread. I believe there is a connection between diarrhea and warfarin. How often do you get your pro times checked? You may need to have your dosage adjusted. You might want to make an appointment and discuss this with the doctor that prescribes your medication, rather than going to the ER.

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Now is a good time to find one. If a relative has one they can usually accommodate a family member.

Also keep in mind that in the waiting room you will be exposed to viruses and bacteria that, in your weakened state, you might be susseptable to. Take precautions if you do go.

I hope you feel better fast.

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From what I have read on the Mayo Clinic’s site here It sounds like you might need to get your coumadin levels checked and possibly changed to a different dosage. Have you eaten any foods that have high levels of vitamin K in them? Those foods can effect your coumadin. Unfortunately, a lot of vegetables have high levels of vitamin K, here’s a few:■Kale
■Brussels sprouts
■Collard greens
■Mustard greens
■Green tea
Also lettuce, and avocados and most dark green leafy veggies. Also cranberry juice and alcohol can have an effect.

Do you have insurance? If you do, your insurance manual (or card) might have a 24 hour nurse on duty that you can call to get advice. I know Kaiser does. That way they can direct you to either go to the hospital, another urgent care or to wait to see a doctor tomorrow. They can also help you to choose a primary care physician if you don’t have one.

Also this Mayo Clinic page discusses coumadin side effects that are dangerous and you should get medical attention immediately (probably the hospital today) which includes vomiting and diahrea.

Did the first hospital know that you take coumadin? If not, you could go back to the first hospital if it is closer and let them know about the coumadin. If they did know, and they still didn’t seem to treat you well, try to get a friend to take you to the other hospital. The first hospital probably gave you some paper work that had a phone number for any problems that you might have after they released you. Maybe you can call that number and ask for advise.

Make sure you have a list of ALL the medications that you have taken since this happened (including the coumadin and any vitamins, other supplements or even herbal drinks or powders, and any over the counter meds like aspirin, cough syrup, tums, cold medication, cough drops, pepto bismol, immodium etc. ) And let them know if you have any allergies to any foods or medications that you know of. And if you have had any specific conditions that might be of note. Not sure why you are taking the coumadin, but let them know why, but also let them know if you have any other conditions (that have nothing to do with the coumadin).

So sorry you are going through this. Please keep us informed : )

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