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Do you feel the need to announce it when you have to throw up?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 27th, 2009

If I have to throw up, I feel like I need to alert the present company. Likewise, when someone in my present company needs to throw up, I feel like I should know about it. If someone gets up, goes to the restroom, comes back and joins in with the group as if nothing happened, and I later find out they threw up… it weirds me out!

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Only on a crowded elevator…and during sex.

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NOT AT ALL… I’ve thrown up lots of times… and got away with it without anyone finding out!

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I won’t say that I feel the need to announce it but I do usually say something to the effect that I am feel sick or queasy. People then usually get the point. I wanted to scream, no, that’s gross. But everytime I can think of I have said something. And so have others. Odd phenomenon. LOL

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I never did before I started going through chemotherapy. Now, it’s automatic! Which is weird for me, I don’t announce most bodily functions. I don’t say, “I gotta pee. I need to go poo.” Nope, not me. Now, it’s like I’m taking a full page ad out…“I feel like I’m going to vomit.” Part of it may be that I’m hoping it’s just a wave of nausea that will pass – also alerting my family to not ask me questions. I can’t talk when I’m that nauseated – except to announce my need to throw up.

My son…poor kid, has taken it as his job to clear the way for me. I wanted to crawl under a rock when he announced it, loudly, at Target.

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of course not! The target will move away if you do!

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Generally I say something because it helps get everyone out of my way as I run lickety-split to the nearest toilet, sink or trash receptacle. The only problem is that the dogs don’t get the same message. They generally think I want to play or just get under my feet on general principles.

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I announce it around friends, we hold each others hair and make way.
Around anyone else, fuck no.

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I usually manage to be alone when I’m sick, but once on an airplane I had a particularly bad flight, and I had to ask the cabin attendant for help. Only once have I ever had a reaction to alcohol that sent me to the ladies room.

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If you’re sitting in the front cart of a roller coaster announcing is pointless anyways.

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hahaha. I think I always say “i’m gonna throw up” before I actually do. I’m not sure why, it’s an impulse.
Also, my husband HATES the sound of vomitting, he starts gagging. I throw up pretty much every time I drink, and even though he knows this, I always tell him.
And, just like with the poop plopping thing, I don’t like people hearing me throw up, so I make him turn the tv on or something lol

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Yeah, I do. I don’t mean to gross anyone out or anything by it though.
I was pretty sick a while back and was drinking grape electrolytes. They didn’t agree with my stomach and my yak was bright purple. I told everyone in Campfire.

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@casheroo haha I’m just like you, minus the husband part.

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Mostly just to give fair warning to others when I know I don’t have enough time to vomit in privacy. Give those who are sensitive to vomiting a chance to turn away/cover ears/hide.

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Only if I think there’s a chance I might get sick in front of someone, because I’d rather not be embarrassed when it happens out of nowhere. I’d also only want to know if someone was going to throw up in front up me, simply so I could avoid getting puked on. :D

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This may be a bit TMI for you folks, but I’ll say it anyway :) I’m a pro puker, a victorious vomiter. When I was growing up I had some kind of weird hormonal issue which cased me to sporadically and suddenly throw up after feeling sick for 5–10 seconds before hand. You can see how it became necessary to communicate the following things to those around me quickly: one, I’m about to be sick, and two, I don’t need your help, I’ll be fine in a minute. And then, of course, to do the deed as discretely and neatly as one can do so. I have puking my guts out down to a fine science.

Nowadays the hormonal thing is gone (yay!) so I only get sick when I drink way too much or am ill. I do still announce it, mainly to discourage people from coming and helping me, because who really needs an audience while throwing up!

The crudeness of my language changes depending on who I’m with. “I’m going to be sick, I’ll be back in a second” is reserved for casual acquaintances, while the more colorful “Time for the technicolour yawn!” is left for the closest of friends :)

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“Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” That’s as far as any announcement goes for me!

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Last 3 times ive went out ive puked when i got home.

I lay in my bed….feel it….turn my head and explode, wipe my mouth and go back to sleep.

I have this spot next to my bed that is a permanent puke spot, i like to call it my sweet spot.

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@Triiiple That’s disgusting… :(

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@Triiiple You don’t at least put a bowl or something there?

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@Triiiplei get it, man

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@dynamicduo: Word for word. I have this thing where my stomach lining gets inflamed and then I chuck like two days of food out. It’s disgusting to others, kind of run of the mill for me. :P

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By the time I know that I really am going to throw up, it’s too late. At that point, it would spray out after I said, “I’m gonna…” (but it is a good way to illustrate my point, so no more words are necessary.)

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I clean it up after every time, last time i did have a garbage can there but i missed so it was just a weird outline puke spot.

Went out Saturday but nothing came out the wrong way, yay!

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When I vomit I seldom have warning, it is that sudden. Usually I just have time to say, “I’m going to be sick,” before charging off to the nearest restroom (and sometimes I make it in time). You have to give people a chance to get out of the way.

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One of my high school teachers (who has a knack for coming in to work sick) was giving a PowerPoint presentation one day. Suddenly, he stopped mid-sentence, walked to the trash bin, and puked his lunch up. Then he walked back to the projector screen and kept going with the presentation like nothing had happened.

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One time while tripping in the desert, I was sitting around a campfire with friends and strangers and I really needed to throw up. So I calmly announced “I gotta go throw up, no one worry, I just need to for a minute”, then I went behind a rock and barfed. The next day, some of the people there thanked me for telling them, because throwing up without telling them would have startled them into thinking something was wrong, otherwise.

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It depends. If I have to, then yes. If I don’t. then no.

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