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Why does everything seem harder at night?

Asked by harple (10448points) March 7th, 2011

What is it that makes something we cope with okay through the day feel unbearable at night? Why don’t we cope so well in the night? Similarly, when you wake in the middle of the night and everything seems much worse than during the day… what is it about darkness that makes things feel so much worse?

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I guess darkness is just associated with bad things. Horror movies generally don’t take place in broad daylight. At the end of the day, your body is tired and worn out so things that generally wouldn’t faze you seem like the end of the world. Another interesting piece of information – studies show that when you take away someone’s sight, instead of their other senses being heightened as it seems like it should be, their body generally freaks out and the other senses, such as hearing, are actually diminished.

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You don’t have other things to occupy your mind at night so your worries all seem magnified.

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We evolved as diurnal primates, and bad things, like leopards and cave bears, came in the night. We haven’t gotten past that, even after a few thousand years ”>)

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HHMMMM,,,, this is really weird. Cos I find the darkness more comforting and find that I’M often able to do things much better at night….

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I don’t know, I’ve always thought that everything gets harder in the morning. (Am I right, fellas?)

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@Michael_Huntington .. you’re right… though, I’M not a fella…

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I don’t know about ‘better’ or ‘worse’, but… sometimes it’s harder in the morning.

Damn, beat again.

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Maybe because during the day what is troubling us is drowned out by our senses. There are lots of things going on to distract our minds. In the same way I think pleasant thoughts are better at night time. Sweet dreams!

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I find this to be the opposite for me.

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@uberbatman ofcourse shhh

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It’s not the darkness, it’s the stillness.
Being alone with oneself in silence is often anxiety producing for many.

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That’s what she said.

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I find night time the worst also for worrying or feeling sad. I think @marinelife has it right. Nothing else to think about at night or in the middle of the morning except the things that are bothering you.

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Loneliness. At lot of times we expect to be with someone special at that time. But if it’s dark and we’re alone. Our troubles and feelings grow larger.

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It is a conditioned response.

Night is when we are designed to sleep.

Sleep is when we dream.

Dreaming has an element that comes out of our subconscious. At night, even before we sleep, our subconscious, knowing that it’s time has come at last, begins to get active. This is the place where you put all of your worries and fears that would otherwise interfere with your normal day to day activities.

It, you, has learned that sleep-time is it’s opportunity to strut and fret it’s hour upon the stage.

The problem is, like an annoying party guest, it shows up too early.

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Reason 1: Its dark
Reason 2: You’re too tired
Reason 3: You’ve watched either a scary movie or your afraid of the shadow of a branch of a tree outside your bedroom window.
Reason4: You’re bed’s to lumpy.
Reason 5: Night hates you
Reason 6: Either your room is stinky or your breath.
Reason 7: You’re hungry at night.
Reason 8: You probably have drank a lot of soda.
Reason 9: You hate your parents because they threw you in bed.
Reason 10: You’re homework’s not done.
Reason 11: Its Night.

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Like a few others here, I find things easier at night. I like the quiet darkness it helps me focus. Daytime seems too bright to me, even with sunglasses. Taking a walk at night in the rain? Perfection.

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@Prosb WOW… ya know I wouldn’t mind that…. count me in : ) .....

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I’m more of the night owl type. Do not speak to me when I awake ;) Everything is more difficult for me in the AM.

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hmmmmmm…for me it’s opposite. I do most of my most best positive thinking during this time when it is unclouded by the days frantic ways.
Introspective thinking is certainly more prevalent during quiet times. I guess it is how and where and what you are focusing on.

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I much prefer night. I find it comforting, too. Solutions come to me, peace comes to me. I relax.

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Are we talking emotionally? I believe that things are harder to “cope” with when we lie in bed, because we have nothing to do but think. That’s just asking to dwell on problems.
If you aren’t talking about the emotional aspect, then I have no idea. I’m far more productive/energetic at night than I am during the day. Always have been.

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